How Bill Boorman Would Make Hiring and Recruiting Less Shoddy

November 3, 2016 at 10:30 AM by William Clarke

BoormanHeader.pngBill Boorman, #tru conferences founder and recruiting industry luminary, joined Entelo CEO Jon Bischke and host Rob Stevenson in the Hiring On All Cylinders studio for a conversation about the future of recruiting technology. They chatted about the rise of artificial intelligence in hiring, the underappreciated importance of conversations with candidates, and why employee value propositions mean giving people the opportunity to find more enjoyable, meaningful work.

Tune in to hear Bill share why:

  • New Zealand just might have the most advanced recruiting ecosystem in the world
  • IBM, Google and Facebook are driving the future of recruiting, not startups
  • Automation is making recruiting better overall for recruiters and candidates
  • The increasingly transactional and individual nature of jobs and careers is a good thing

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