Entelo's Favorite Posts of 2016

December 28, 2016 at 9:00 AM by William Clarke

TopPostsof2016.pngOver the past year Entelo published over a hundred articles (including this one) and many thousands of words to the venerable Entelo blog. To help wrap up the year, we look back at some of our favorite posts from the past 12 months. Some were posts featuring insights from industry influencers, some were roundups of Hiring On All Cylinders airtime, and others were deep dives into the science of hiring. We hold back on publishing a laundry list of our favorite blog posts, so here’s the quick version. Every post here is is worth reading and rereading. Trust us.

3 Recruiting Metrics That Don’t Tell The Whole Story

It’s easy to mistake data for KPIs, but true KPIs reflect business objectives, not just raw numbers. In this post, Greenhouse’s Lauren Ryan digs into how recruiters can identify the right metrics to help them reach their hiring objectives. One key takeaway: Not all interesting metrics necessarily help you understand your team’s accomplishments or how to improve.

The Evolution of Talent Acquisition With GitHub’s Maisha Cannon

GitHub’s Maisha Cannon has done it all over the past 10 years. And I’m not exaggerating. Before she sourced rocket scientists for SpaceX, she hired sales associates for Hot Topic and helped the University of Southern California fill hundreds of staff roles. Now a Global Talent Strategist at GitHub, she’s continuing her work as a cutting edge talent acquisition pro with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and humor. This podcast post is a great look at what it takes to kick ass in the always evolving world of recruiting.

Implement Interview Load Balancing and Never Give a Candidate a Bad Interview Again

Recruiter’s are constantly pulled in multiple directions. In a high-volume recruiting organization, effectively managing interviews is a key, often underappreciated aspect of the recruiting funnel. One scheduling snafu or overworked interviewee can dramatically alter the candidate experience and cost an org hires, which is why a structured, balanced interview process that equally spreads interview responsibilities across the team ensures interview quality and efficiency.

What Happens When You Standardize Your Interview Process

Bad interviews can be poisonous to a hiring teams objectives. Contrary to popular belief, bad interviews aren’t the result of bad hiring teams – they’re the result of unprepared hiring teams. In this post, Entelo Senior Recruiter Amina Moinuddin explains how standardizing your interview process improves hiring team alignment, efficiency and decision making while improving the candidate experience dramatically. It’s a small change that can have dramatic effects on your hiring results.

Why Transparency Builds a Positive Candidate Experience

As an organization, Entelo prides itself on its transparent hiring process. In this post, Entelo VP of Talent and Operations Jill Witty maps out how Entelo ensures a clear communication and feedback at every step of the way. Entelo believes in practicing what we preach, and Jill shows that our commitment to fairness and honesty starts early and runs deep.

Why Googling Your Candidates Can Backfire

It’s probably the most common thing in the world when you hear about a person, place or thing you aren’t familiar with. Plug whatever or whoever it is into Google and voila! But when it comes to hiring, it’s a real double-edged sword. In this post, I explore the ways in which doing freelance research into your candidates can put recruiters on the wrong side of employment law and cause them to inadvertently create an unfair, uneven hiring process for candidates. It’s an uncommon, but important conversation, and something many recruiters don’t realize they’re doing.  

These Five Seth Godin Insights Will Help You Recruit Better

One of Seth Godin’s great gifts is the ability to distill complex ideas down to their essence. Though he’s a marketer by trade, many of his insights are deeply relevant for recruiters. Whether you’re trying to better understand candidates, create a strong company culture or hire more passionate, effective people, these pearls of wisdom can help you unlock even the thorniest questions.

What the Science of First Impressions Can Tell Us About Recruiting

First impressions are one of those things that every recruiter relies on to a certain extent. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but an uncritical reliance on first impressions can lead to suboptimal recruiting outcomes, and that is a bad thing. But by understanding the underlying science of first impressions, recruiters can use first impressions to improve their hiring without accidentally falling prey to confirmation bias.

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