3 Email Campaigns to Boost Your Response Rates

December 6, 2018 at 8:30 AM by Customer Education Team

Untitled design (11)From email drip campaigns to sales cadences, there’s a shared philosophy when it comes to marketing and sales outreach– the more at-bats you give yourself, the more likely you are to knock it out of the park. Curious to see if this same philosophy applied to recruiting, we analyzed all emails sent through Entelo Track and discovered a 17% increase in response rates when a follow up email is used.

There’s a number of plausible explanations for why this increase occurs. Your candidate was in-between meetings and forgot to respond. They're interested but want to do some research on their own. Whatever the case may be, the more times you get to the top of their inbox the more likely you are to catch them at the right time.

Launching today, Multiple Follow-Ups in Entelo Track allow recruiters to automate up to 4 follow-up emails to go out on the days of your choice and at the time of day that will garner the highest response rate. In conjunction with the release, we asked the Entelo Education Team to share three of the most successful approaches to multi-touch email campaigns. Read on to learn how to leverage engagement campaigns, custom campaigns, and nurture campaigns within your outreach strategy:

Engagement Campaign 
– for when you’ve identified a shortlist of candidates that fit the bill.  

Use the campaign below to continue engaging a candidate over a 2 week period. Each follow up highlights a new element of the role, team, and company to paint a wholistic picture of the opportunity and touch on multiple facets that may be important to them as an employee.


  1. Day 1: Customized first outreach

  2. Day 3: Short reminder follow up

  3. Day 7: Exciting company blog post/new article

  4. Day 11: Unique aspect of the role or team

  5. Day 15: Get creative with something fun

 5th touch

Custom Campaign
for when you come across those dreamy candidates.
With their perfect skill set and spot on industry experience, you know they would be an amazing addition to the team. You should not be using a one size fits all strategy here, but rather create a customized email campaign to get them interested. This many sound time consuming but with  a few follow ups and some profile insights, just a little extra effort can lead to a huge payoff.

With Entelo’s multiple follow ups, you now have 5 opportunities to make a connection! Save time by creating a cadence template with places to add customization at each stage. You can view Entelo’s profile insights or click on the social links to quickly gather information about the candidate. Get creative with your personalization and try mixing it up between their professional experience, a note about their current company, or something personal.


Multiple FU Pic

Nurture Campaign
- for when you need to play the long game.
As its name suggests, a nurture campaign is more long term than traditional outreach strategies. The goal is to build a relationship now that will come into play once a candidate is finally ready to hit the job market. Nurture campaigns are particularly useful for evergreen roles, such as full-stack engineers or entry-level sales positions, in which there is a constant need for candidate pipeline.

Timing here is key so go ahead and space out your outreach; with this longer term strategy an email every couple weeks ensures a recent touchpoint without overwhelming them. Send a customized first email and then follow up with interesting collateral about your company, their future team, or interesting projects they could be a part of.

Keep these follow-ups concise, complementary and full of relevant collateral. Did your sales team just go on an amazing president’s club trip? Send a picture! Is your engineering team tackling a complex AI problem that has the team excited? Tell them about it!


With these three email campaigns in your arsenal, you’ll begin seeing the impact to your response rates in no time. And with Entelo working in the background to automate the follow-up process for you, it’s never been more effortless to be so persistent!  If you’d like to hear more from our Education Team, be sure to stop by the Entelo Academy and get up to speed on the latest recruiting best practices and methodologies.




About the Authors:

Torie Mantzouranis is a member of the Entelo Education team and comes from a background in recruiting and education. Torie worked in agency recruiting as an Account Manager at Maven Recruiting Group where she partnered closely with CEOs and Heads of Recruiting to build out recruiting strategy and successfully hire top talent. Prior to that, she worked in-house as an HR and Talent Associate at Riviera Partners.


Andrew Carroll is a former Division Director at Robert Half Technology and has a background in hands-on recruiting, sales, and management. He has worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 to start-up, helping them improve hiring processes, find top talent, and retain employees. Most recently he has worked with organizations on change management and the adoption of new technology.


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