What You Can Expect to Learn at The Recruiting Automation Summit

May 9, 2018 at 10:15 AM by Sydney Cohen


The Recruiting Automation Summit is bringing together the most progressive minds in talent acquisition and artificial intelligence, as well as analysts, authors and technology experts to explore how automation is reshaping the way companies hire. This conference will uncover what recruiting automation means for employers, how it improves the recruiting process and how you can leverage these tools within your own company.

There are so many reasons to attend this event, but one of the most important is an opportunity to learn. Here are a few things you can expect to take away from the Recruiting Automation Summit:

How companies are using recruiting automation. From implementation to use, real customers are sharing their successes leveraging recruiting automation technology and how different recruiting functions are augmenting their workflow with these tools. You’ll be sure to gain inspiration from these talks about how you can grow your team’s tech stack and how to get buy-in from senior leadership to invest in these tools.

The potential risks recruiting automation poses and how to mitigate them. Recruiting automation tools are breaking the status quo and with that comes a fear of the unknown. Our panel will discuss a cost/benefit analysis of recruiting automation and the way it will impact the lives of recruiters and the long term impacts for organizations overall.

What the future of recruiting holds. Learn from Principal and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, Josh Bersin on the latest trends in the labor market and how recruiters can set themselves up for success to confront these changes head on.

How to get talent acquisition a seat at the table. At most organizations, numbers talk. Being able to surface meaningful analytics and share benchmarks for context help make the case for talent acquisition to be part of important company-wide decisions. You’ll gain insights into the talent landscape as well as hands on advice on communication strategies to KPIs to be tracking to ensure your voice is heard by senior leadership.

How to take action on diversity initiatives. Diversity and inclusion initiatives are top of mind for HR organizations right now. Learn how experts approach diversity and inclusion initiatives and how AI can be used to help those efforts. Take away actionable tips to help you start or improve D&I at your company.

How to understand your CHRO. CHRO’s from leading organizations share their expectations of talent acquisitions teams and how you can fulfill these expectation to get noticed and get ahead.

With these takeaways, you’ll be able to teach your team everything you’ve learned and position yourself as a leader within your team or even within your company. Just one day out of the office can make you better at your job. Not sure how to get the time off or the funding to attend? Check out our latest blog post, How to Make the Case for Recruiting Automation Summit to Your Boss. Be sure to save your seat, we look forward to seeing you in San Francisco this June.

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