Podcast: D&I Leader Margie Cadet Advises a “Healthy Skepticism” Toward AI

March 27, 2019 at 2:02 PM by Grace Newman

Untitled design (8)As the Director of Talent, Diversity & Inclusion at DonorsChoose.org, Margie Cadet spends a lot of her time examining and eliminating opportunities for human bias within her team’s recruiting process.


She does this because she understands that the human brain is wired for bias. Evolutionarily, bias helped us make immediate, snap judgements even before we were consciously aware of it -- a necessity for our survival. However, today these biases keep us from making objective evaluations of our peers, despite our best efforts.


Unconscious bias has become a buzzword in the D&I space, as has the AI that promises to render it obsolete. This is what concerns Margie the most – the assumption that Artificial Intelligence is immune to human bias.


Joining host Sean Simerly on our latest episode of Hiring On All Cylinders, Margie Cadet tackles the issue of algorithmic bias and why AI is a dish best served with a healthy human skepticism. Tune in to the conversation here. 



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