Podcast: Duke Professor Talks Skill Islands, Super Highways, and Other Emerging Trends In The Job Market

February 13, 2019 at 8:00 AM by Grace Newman

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40% of job descriptions with the exact same skill requirements have completely different titles. This is according to research done by Duke Professor Sharique Hasan and is what he dubs the ‘language gap’ in hiring.

This hiring language gap may seem inconsequential but it actually comes at a huge cost: candidates basing their job search on titles miss out on relevant opportunities and employers searching for candidates in the same manner lose out on relevant talent.

Sharique discusses this and more when he joins Hiring On All Cylinders host, Sean Simerly, on the podcast’s latest episode. Taking stock of the current trends in hiring – like the language gap – that have become obstacles for today’s recruiters, Sharique tells us what every recruiter needs to know going into 2019.


On the edge of your seat? Listen to the full episode here




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