More Tools to Boost Your Recruiting Arsenal

April 23, 2014 at 6:00 AM by Kathleen de Lara

war for talentLeveraging a multi-faceted recruiting arsenal is your best bet for finding qualified candidates fit for your open reqs. Don’t get stuck with sloppy seconds and overfished talent pools while attempting to score your next great hire.

Check out part deux of our series on chosen tools for being a well-equipped recruiter.


Recruit’em is a free tool that provides recruiters one channel to run a Google search for candidates on LinkedIn, Google+, GitHub, XING, Stack Overflow, and Twitter. Simply input your desired candidate requirements, like the position, location, and other relevant keywords, and the site will pull up the profiles in a list of Google search results. Users can also save the search settings for future reference. The tool, which is a project from CleverBiscuit’s four-person team, runs off donations to fuel your candidate search gratis.


Why recruiters should use it:

Because it’s free, has a user-friendly interface, and pulls info from Google’s indexes, which are regularly refreshed and updated

LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter is the industry’s 800-pound gorilla in the room. With optional add-on tools like Jobs, Career Pages, and Work With Us, the network allows recruiters to target and personalize job ads to get the appropriate opportunities in front of the eyes of the right candidates. With access to over 200 million candidates spanning through more than 200 countries, recruiters are highly likely to find the talent they’re looking for and have the ability to modify their outreach strategies.

Why recruiters should use it:

Because if you’re recruiting without it, you must be on to something extraordinary, and we will personally deliver a blank check to you with your name on it. Just say the word.


HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform tool that provides streamlined management, analytics, and automation for your company. Whether it be building a web page, optimizing SEO, creating email drip campaigns, or analyzing inbound lead performance, HubSpot has you covered with comprehensive, organized dashboards that punch in the numbers for you to determine whether or not you’re reaching goals. The resources come at full force, providing users with top-to-bottom guides on how to use each HubSpot tool. One other nice perk is that their support squad is one to reckon with: they’re in-house, available 24/7, and keep their word on when you’re up next to speak with one of their brilliant team members.

Why recruiters should use it:

To keep track of inbound channels attracting passive candidates across a spread of networks and sources


Jobvite is an applicant tracking and social recruiting tool that helps recruiters manage talent from the initial engagement to the hire. Users can run a resume database search, organize and automate the interviewing and onboarding process, and analyze referral and hire rates. Jobvite’s new video interviewing tool also allows users to quickly screen applicants with features like pre-recording an interview and collaborating with fellow interviewers to take notes on a specific candidate. 

Why recruiters should use it:

Gives recruiters a way to effectively manage applicants and prospects in the candidate funnel


Lever is a web app that bridges communication between recruiters and hiring managers by providing one channel for job posting, sourcing, vetting, and hiring candidates. Users can easily keep track of applicants, emails, interviews, and provides analytics on the talent funnel with a detailed report on candidate sources and conversions. Sync up with the team and fellow interviewers to review notes on a candidate.  

Why recruiters should use it:

Brought to you from the same line of smart folks who wrote Derby


Yup, we couldn’t resist. Entelo is a candidate sourcing tool that uses predictive analytics to help recruiters find out when employees are on the search for new opportunities to better engage and hire top talent. Run a quick search, opt to receive daily email notifications with new candidates, or use the Chrome extension to get information on candidates from any network on the web. Recruiters can also use Entelo’s mobile app, First Pass, to view and vet candidates while on the go.

Why recruiters should use it:

Unparalleled access to over 20 million candidates from 20 social networks and the opportunity to empower a young student with the tools of the tech trade 

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