Last Week in Talent - May 30, 2017

May 30, 2017 at 6:00 AM by William Clarke

LWIT-MemorialDay.pngHappy post-Memorial Day short work week everyone!

I hope my American readers enjoyed a long weekend of resplendent weather, not too competitive wiffle ball and ample barbecued foodstuffs. This is Last Week in Talent, the we're-so-close-to-summer-I-can-smell-the-suncreen-and-taste-the-rosé edition.  

So let's get cracking. On the macro side, unemployment crept up for the first time in three weeks but the overall labor market remains robust as the four week average of unemployment claims sunk to their lowest level since 1974. Welp, let the great talent hunt of 2017 continue and maybe tell your cousin Kevin to put down the controller and go find a job, for the good of everyone. 

In other news, Apple hired a new diversity chief who will report directly to CEO Tim Cook, veteran tech reporter Walt Mossberg wrote his final column at Recode before he retires (fare the well, Walt), Amazon is recruiting healthcare experts to help break into pharmaceuticals, Google heads to China for talent and...attention and, alongside Facebook, empties the data science talent pool like there’s no tomorrow, which could be one reason Airbnb created their own internal university to train more data scientists.

Some food for the thought

The perks of hiring American as discovered by Indian company Infosys. How the automation crisis has already created a machine vs. human battle in India. Why American workers now dress so casually, and why the future of job hunting is more Spotify less Craigslist.

Plus 3 moments you’re unintentionally annoying your hiring manager. 6 newish places to find tech talent. 3 ways to jumpstart your diversity with metrics. 3 labor market trends worth paying attention to.

A few questions worth asking 

Should companies focus on recruiting women if they can’t retain them? (Maybe...) What if companies managed their people like they manage their money? (Hmmmm...) Should you be recruiting more veterans? (Absolutely!) Will basic income change the nature of work? (Yes, probably, but not as much as you think) And some questions to ask when you are hiring a sourcer.

 And some other fun stuff to get the juices flowing...

Cool Data: The best places to work in HR and recruiting

Good Podcast: William Tincup on the future of HR Innovation

Fun Graphic: A Cognitive Bias Cheat Sheet

Listicle: 16 jobs jobs with the fastest growing salaries

Thanks for reading and have a great week!


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Three times you’re unintentionally annoying your hiring manager (Fast Company)

Walt Mossberg, The Final Column (ReCode)

The 3 big labor market trends for job hunters (Forbes)

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