Tired of Being Ghosted? Sapling CEO Bart Macdonald Has Some Advice for You

February 22, 2019 at 2:16 PM by Grace Newman


Untitled design (19)The term ‘ghosting’ likely brings to mind dating apps and swiping right. However, in our latest episode of Hiring On All Cylinders, it’s not the woes of modern dating that we’re discussing– but rather the growing prevalence of ghosting in the professional world.

Our guest this week is Bart Macdonald, CEO of Sapling, an employee onboarding software company based in San Francisco. Having spent the better part of his career at the intersection of HR and software, Bart has witnessed hundreds of companies struggle with flakey candidates. Whether it’s dropping out after signing an offer letter or resigning within the critical first 90 day window, candidate ghosting has become a big enough occurrence for even the federal government to take notice.


IMG_7527Some key factors in today’s talent market are feeding into this trend, according to Bart– most notably the shortage of talent and as a result, increasing importance of passive recruitment. More often than not, new hires are the product of proactive sourcing by recruiters followed by a hard and persistent sell of the opportunity. All of this leads to an expectation vs reality gap, when new hires find that what they’ve been sold on is not quite what’s being delivered.


The expectation gap is really a misalignment between recruiting and HR efforts, which is the reasoning behind Sapling's philosophy that onboarding starts the very moment a candidate signs an offer letter. Whether that’s kicking off pre-onboarding processes, sending company swag, or inviting new hires to company events before their start date, staying top of mind is the number one way to avoid ghosting.


Is your company battling with candidate ghosting? Listen into the rest of our conversation with Bart to find out how to ensure candidates go smoothly from “yes to the desk”:






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