6 Reasons Your Company Needs Recruiting Automation

May 30, 2018 at 9:00 AM by Reuben Yonatan

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Automation is transforming the workplace. Many processes across organizations of all kinds once required intensive human interaction. Today, they’re streamlined through a range of automated individual tasks that free up time and make way for personal attention where it is actually needed most. Modern HR department leaders can now manage recruiting and onboarding much more strategically than ever before.

The obstacles for recruiters in the sprawling employment market are inherent in its ever-increasing breadth and pace. Here are just some of the essential benefits of implementing an automated recruiting solution to meet growing competitive challenges.

Benefits of Recruiting Automation

1. Major Time Savings

Recruiting automation allows recruiters to gain back usable hours and streamline workflow to increase efficiency. Recruiters bear a time-intensive, administratively-heavy task load. All of the time-consuming tasks like sourcing, engaging passive talent, writing job descriptions, scheduling interview appointments and managing follow-ups are all very detailed tasks requiring meticulous handling. Many of these functions can be better managed with recruiting automation so recruiters can get back to the human side of recruiting.

2. Streamlined Process

Using predictive analytics, recruiting automation allows recruiters to glean more actionable information about premium candidates and to efficiently predict which prospects are the best fit for an open role in your company. This is a major advancement over old approaches of weeding through many applicants in an arduous process of eliminating stacks of resumes to find the few ideal candidates. In fact, a current study by the National Bureau of Economic Research indicates that algorithms are better at making ideal hiring choices than human evaluators. Recruiting will always require a human touch that AI can’t offer, but when combined with these algorithms, the best choices will be made almost every time.

3. Improved Candidate Experience

In addition to reduced time-to-hire, another attractive feature of recruiting automation is automated communication with high-quality candidates. Getting questions answered, outreach sent at ideal times and interviews scheduled in a timely manner significantly improves the candidate's overall experience with a company. This provides a highly-sought candidate with a smoother, arguably more professional-seeming experience, without requiring a large expenditure of time and effort from recruiting team members.

4. Greater Knowledge Retention

The vast wealth of information accumulated by a candidate management system can be maintained without any consumption of human memory or schedule bandwidth. Knowledge is stored for the future so information is never lost. With the pace at which employers recruit, it's impossible for any one agent or recruiting manager to keep track of every single applicant without some kind of software. By using recruitment automation software, recruiters can also keep track of who’s applied or interviewed in the past. This can help lead to better, more personalized questions being asked during the interview that highlight what the applicant is capable of, helping to streamline the entire process.

5. Increased Diversity

Even if a recruiter has the best intentions, it’s possible they can let their unconscious biases steer their judgement about a candidate. This bias phenomenon, of course, presents not only an obvious ethical problem, but also one that is detrimental to achieving optimal team performance.
Studies show that groups operating in the interpersonal dynamics generated from more diverse experience tend to be more productive and innovative. By using an automated system to objectively identify prospects for a given position, the human issue is subtracted from the equation of drawing the most ideally fitting candidates in the preliminary round of automated assessment.

6.Sourcing Efficiency

Today's applicant tracking systems permit recruiting teams to write job descriptions and broadly promote them on social platforms, job websites, and other innovative and productive recruitment channels in just a few seconds. Add to that, offerings like Entelo Envoy help recruiters identify, qualify and engage candidates automatically. While you reduce time normally expended on administrative tasks that can be as well or better handled by technology, you will soon enough discover that instead of incurring a cost by acquiring automated help, you have actually cut operating costs for recruiting and added to your company's profit margin.


The vast benefits of recruiting automation have become clear to today's talent acquisition leaders. Going forward, the most successful departments will be those that capitalize on the immense capabilities of the most advanced talent acquisition (and retention/engagement) systems afforded by recruiting automation. Staying in step with your company's competitors and recruiting the best talent on the employment market is going to be much more realistic for those recruiters working with the transformative resources of automated recruiting programs.

Recruiting automation solutions are designed to empower recruiters to extend and expand their reach into the dynamic modern digital world of today's top candidates, smooth the process workflow for the recruiting team, enhance the process for candidates, and make the system run better, faster and cheaper for the company.

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