You Don't Want to Miss These Recruitment Twitter Chats

March 3, 2014 at 3:14 PM by Rob Stevenson

What if I told you it was possible to learn from established, veteran recruiters, while simultaneously engaging directly with them and building your own network? Thanks to the phenomenon that is twitter chats, you can! As a candidate's social footprint factors more and more into recruitment, 

twitter_logo1-Copytalent acquisition pros are starting to make more some serious on social media. On these twitter chats, recruiters from across the country (and in some cases, across the globe) post thought-provoking questions about the hiring cycle, and all are welcome to join in the discussion...just make sure you introduce yourself and use the official hashtag! Read on for some recruitment twitter chats you can't afford to miss:


Fridays, 12-1 PM ET

Key players are Cyndy TrivellaSteve Levy, and Tom Bolt.

Open Mic Career Chat is an exciting weekly conversation which poses questions to recruiters, encouraging them to answer themselves and then chime in on other recruiters' answers.  According to OMCchat format, one question is asked every 10 minutes, followed by a fast paced "Lightning Round" to close out the hour. Participants can also suggest their own questions at any point by pairing #QR with the official hashtag. Here's some examples of some of the back and forth in last week's #OMCchat:




 The Open Mic Career Chat is particularly valuable in that it considers both sides of the interview table. While most of the questions are geared towards issues recruiters face, much of the discussion also involves job seekers and provides them tips on the best ways to interact with and impress recruiters.



Mondays, 7-8 pm ET

Key Players: Maren Hogan, Meghan M. Biro, Kevin W. Grossman

#TChat is perhaps the highest volume of these three chats. Centered around a single HR topic each week, this format encourages more in-depth discussion, and is prefaced by a 30-minute radio interview with a new guest each week. The interview will largely be focused on that week's twitter topic, and provides participants plenty of ammunition for the discussion. In addition, the best of each #TChat is compiled into a weekly recap for future viewing.



Key Players: RecruitingBlogs, Matt Charney

RecruitingBlogs' official hashtag is typically paired with their webinars to aid in fostering discussion. As webinars can tend to be a one way street, this is a great way to involve registrants and continue the conversation. Also, if you're unable to attend the webinar, the official hashtag is a great source for key takeaways and interesting quotes from the presentation.

 What experiences have you had with live twitter chats? Let us know in the comments or tweet @EnteloRob!

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