5 Predictions for HR Technology in 2014

January 6, 2014 at 6:51 AM by Jordan Taylor

Future-or-PastWhile we certainly don't pretend to have a crystal ball, there's enough information available for us to make this solid claim: 2014 is going to be the year of Social HR.

John Naisbitt made this futurist statement in his 1982 text Megatrends: “We are drowning in information, but we are starved for knowledge.”

From our perspective at Entelo, we created our SaaS Company to do exactly that—furnish knowledge about tech candidates from a sea of information.

Here’s our mini-overview on the future of HR technology and the solutions we offer at Entelo.

Notable Trends

  • In 2014 social integration will become the status quo ( prepare to see more candidate sourcing and position broadcasting across popular social networks)
  • The limitations of CVs & resumes will help fuel the integration of recruitment technologies
  • Cloud-based solutions continue to entice users because they’re cheaper and don’t require excessive infrastructures
  • The valuation of recruiting is simultaneously increasing in parallel to technological advancements that will change how the recruitment cycle works
  • Reputation matters more and more, and now it’s easier to quantify

Entelo’s Solutions

  • Entelo’s SaaS results in better first-pass assessments—leading to easier candidate reviews and building of talent pools
  • The power of Entelo Search is at your fingertips: you can organize and filter information continually—allowing you to leverage the internet’s reach across various channels on one streamlined platform
  • Entelo Sonar analyzes over 70 variables signaling career change. Getting a strong outlook on the possible movement of talented candidates means you can beat your competitor to the punch.
  • The collaborative virtues of our SaaS cannot be underrated: the Entelo Dashboard gives more decision-making power to everyone in your organization. Everyone, not just HR or hiring managers, can view your team’s activity—and candidate details—gathered from Search and Sonar to improve the start of your hiring process.

For more insights on upcoming changes to HR in 2014, see Jeanne Meister’s article from Forbes.com: “2014: The Year Social HR Matters."

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