From Clif Bar to Oracle and beyond: Battery Ventures VP of Talent

During her career in recruiting, Battery Ventures VP of Talent, Kelly Kinnard, has worn many hats. Before she became Battery's chief talent and recruiting representative to their 125 portfolio companies, she spent time in marketing with orgs like Clif Bar and CamelBak. She then leapt headfirst into recruiting first as a technical recruiter, then in retained search and executive recruiting for venture-backed startups and public companies.

All that good work did not go unnoticed, and Kelly was scooped up by Oracle to lead the executive search team of their 33,000 person product development unit. After three and a half years with Oracle, Kelly joined the Battery Ventures team to help their portfolio companies (including Entelo) find senior talent and develop their own recruiting functions.

Kelly sat down with Entelo Head of Recruiting, Britt Ryan, to chat about her journey through different recruiting roles and her current work with Battery Ventures.