Top 5 Social Recruiting Tips for LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

December 24, 2013 at 4:30 AM by Jordan Taylor

Social Talent is an Irish company that provides online and social media training for the recruitment and staffing industry.

Jonathan Campbell, Founder & CEO, put together an informative video that highlights essential practices each recruiter should be doing on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

The video covers 5 tips for each social media platform:


  1. Learn how to search!
  2. Align your company page with your EVP (Employee Value Proposition)
  3. Encourage “on-brand” employee profiles
  4. Use Groups but think about member needs before your own
  5. Integrate “Apply with LinkedIn” on you Careers site


  1. Join the conversation
  2. Think about the Follower first
  3. Use hashtags (events/jobs)
  4. Quickest return: search on
  5. Think of Twitter as e-mail (but better)


  1. Not just for grads, teens, retail, and customer service!
  2. Promote your values & foster your culture; don’t post jobs!
  3. Understand EdgeRank
  4. Use it as a platform, not just a website!
  5. Encourage open conversation about the hiring process

We hope you find these solutions helpful!


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