These Three Sourcing Strategies Could Widen Your Talent Pool

February 3, 2020 at 11:57 AM by Grace Newman

Untitled design (23)According to our 2020 Recruiting Trends Report, 73% of recruiters find higher quality candidates from passive sourcing than any other source - which has led recruiting organizations  to adopt more aggressive sourcing strategies in order to compete for top passive talent. Consequently, the same candidates (with the online resumes that check all the boxes) are continually inundated with recruiting outreach noise. 


The reality is to get ahead in 2020, you will need to find ways to source more untraditional candidates that have the right mix of skills and experience to excel in your organization. Here are three ways to use Entelo to do just that.

Predicted Next Role

If you only source for candidates who currently hold the title of your job req, your search will be quite limited. There are tons of qualified candidates with the right mix of experience to excel and are ready to move into your open role. 


By looking at a candidate's unique mix of experience and comparing that to the millions of job transitions documented within Entelo's candidate profile database, Predicted Role gives you insight into a candidate's next job title. When enabled, candidates are surfaced in searches for their predicted next role allowing you to source from a wider pool of qualified candidates.

Predicted Role


Pro tip: Predicted Next Role can be toggled on and off depending on your search. For particularly tough searches, enable Predicted Next Role to widen your talent pool and refresh your pipeline. 


The Rare Find

Sourcing requires you to rely on the accuracy of a candidate’s self-reported online resume, which means it often comes with a prominent margin of error. Considering passive candidates are much less likely to keep their online profiles up to date than active jobseekers, that margin of error can equate to an entire pool of untapped talent. 


With Entelo’s Rare Finds, you are able to discover candidates that would not be surfaced for the same search on any other site. This is powered by our Peer-based Skills algorithm, that flushes out candidate profiles by looking at the reported skills of peers who worked in the same role on the same team at the same time to infer skill sets that should be included on their resume. This allows those Rare Find candidates to be pulled into more relevant searches and helps you to uncover candidates who would otherwise be overlooked:  

Screen Shot 2020-02-03 at 10.43.58 AM

Pro tip: Rare Finds will require a different outreach approach than your more traditional candidates. Build out a Project and respective email campaign specifically for your Rare Finds. This will allow you to present the opportunity in a more relevant way, while also tracking key metrics to understand how you are engaging with your Rare Finds segment. 

The Candidate Blueprint 

While it’s disappointing to get a ‘no’ from a great-fit candidate, not all is lost. What you have in front of you is a blueprint for the perfect candidate!


Entelo’s Similar Candidate Search allows you to find candidates with similar credentials and qualifications to the candidate you are currently viewing. Quickly build out a pipeline of qualified candidates without going back to the drawing board:

similar candidate search screenshot

Pro tip: For max efficiency, create an Entelo Project for your open req and add candidates you find through Similar Candidate Search as you go. Then, once you’re finished sourcing, you can quickly build out a personalized email outreach campaign for your entire pipeline of candidates. 


These are just a few of the ways you can use Entelo to widen your talent pool. Stay tuned for more Entelo tips and tricks by subscribing to the blog!