The 9 Best Productivity Apps for Recruiters

February 18, 2016 at 12:00 PM by William Clarke

recruiter productivity apps

Recruiting requires constantly managing competing priorities. Even the most organized, Type A recruiters can struggle to get it all done. You could drink 10 cups of a coffee a day while you grind from 8 am to 8 pm, but that’s not sustainable. The key is maintaining your efficiency and productivity (and sanity) every day. Since you only have so much useful time, your best bet to be a task-crushing, goal achieving, recruiter extraordinaire is to leverage new tools, in particular, apps.

The sheer number of apps in the app store boggles the mind, and they can seem so similar that picking the right apps for your needs can feel impossible. For that reason we took it upon ourselves to curate the best apps out there from Entelo’s braintrust of app-obsessed, early adopter tech-ninjas (translation: our employees). So, without further ado, here’s our list of the best darn, Entelo-approved productivity apps for recruiters. 

Evernote (iOS and Android)
Forgive us if you’ve heard this one before, but we really, really love Evernote. It’s simple to use but offers fantastic cross-device compatibility and advanced features if you need them, and it’s most useful for its most basic purpose. Have a phone screen coming up? Pull up your note, “Phone Screen Questions for Sales Roles” to make sure you touch all the bases, or quickly send your template to a colleague who needs it. That’s the true value of Evernote: it allows you to quickly find and share information wherever you are.

Asana (iOS and Android)
Asana is an incredible tool for workflows and internal communications. Want to scale back on the insane number of back and forth emails between team members and have everything live in one single, easy to search location? That’s Asana. It’s a one stop shop for tracking team goals, timelines, responsibilities, and project management.

Wunderlist (iOS and Android)
Wunderlist is an incredibly powerful, simple, and straightforward list making, task tracking and note taking tool that offers exceptional functionality and ease of use. Need to set up checklists? Wunderlist does that too. Try this: Make a list of every position you need to hire for in the next six months. Now assign deadlines and recurring reminders for all of them to keep you on the ball. Boom, now you’ve got very your own personal assistant.

CamCard (iOS and Android)
Business cards still exist for a reason – there’s just no better way to give someone all the relevant info in a split second. Yet they remain an analog solution in our incrasingly digital world. CamCard bridges the gap by scanning business cards and quickly importing information into your phone contacts as a sortable database that can also be exported to Excel. Never miss out again on a potential hire, referral, or the new recruiter connections you made at a conference because you misplaced a business card.

AirTable (iOS and Android)
The best way to describe AirTable is what’d happen if spreadsheets and databases had a beautiful, wonderfully simple and straightforward baby that did everything you need and nothing you didn't. It’s incredibly nimble and lightweight, with nifty pre-loaded tables for various tasks (including Applicant Tracking, Sales Leads, and Team Task Management). If you wear many hats, don’t have the need or wherewithal for a major ATS solution and find that Excel and Google Docs are too generic for your needs, then this is the app for you.

Outlook (iOS and Android)
Not known for their incredible mobile apps, Microsoft still managed to create the best email app around. Outlook is a super clean, easy to use interface that is highly customizable, works with most email clients and offers you the ability to quickly triage your inbox. It also offer seamless calendar integrations, quick glances at your message history or to quickly attach files to a message even if they aren’t on your phone (think NDAs, skills assessments, resumes, etc). Outlook shows that email via your phone is far more useful if you can quickly and easily share and send relevant files at the touch of a button.  

Transit App (iOS & Android)
A personal favorite of mine, Transit uses geolocation to give you ETA’s for every transit line near you (subways, buses, trains, and even Ubers). Each option is helpfully listed. You can also plug in locations for fastest transit options from point A to point B (similar to Google Maps). You can also favorite transit lines so that they are always at the top of your results. Need to give a candidate multiple transit directions to or from somewhere you’ve never been in a hurry? In a matter of seconds, Transit will show you every possible option, including costs, schedule and frequency.

Swiftkey (iOS & Android)
You might be one of those people who spend a crazy amount of time typing on their phones. If so, you know how brutal typing each individual letter can be. Enter Swiftkey. Swiftkey enables gesture typing, predictive text and a cloud-based personal dictionary to make your phone typing far smoother and more efficient. Essentially the more you use it, the better Swiftkey gets at predicting what you’re going to type next and what kinds of words and slang you like to use. What does that mean on practical level? It means you can quickly respond to more candidates with the most effective language, even when you’re on the go.  


Feedly (iOS & Android)
Following relevant news in your industry is a bear. Either you have 25 open tabs at all times, spend all day staring at your Twitter feed, or cultivate a well-manicured RSS feed. Feedly is your way to stay informed without spending a ton of time tracking down news. With just a handful of clicks you can create a “Recruiting” list, which will automatically be populated with recruiting news and blog posts from trusted sources. (Don’t forget us!) You can further customize the list, too. It all takes less than a minute.

These apps cover most of your bases when it comes to staying organized, informed, on task, and efficient. I'd be remiss I didn’t also recommend a few fun apps too. One of my favorites is Headspace, a free meditation app that offers guided 10 minute meditation classes. Another really excellent way to unplug for just a few minutes is TwoDots, a beautiful, simple game ideal for those times when you need a few moments of respite.

These are just some of our favorite apps, and I’m sure you have some of your own. Share them in the comments!

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