3 Ways To Take The Guessing Out of Sourcing

December 13, 2018 at 8:35 AM by Grace Newman

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Your hiring manager hands you a vague job description, and it’s up to you to deliver a pipeline filled with top-notch talent. You find a great-fit candidate, but the timing is off. Desperate to find another candidate just as fitting, you begin your search again.

Most recruiters can relate to this seemingly endless cycle of sourcing trial and error. With so many factors beyond our control, the truth is recruiting can often feel like a guessing game.

Wouldn’t it be great to instantly transform that job description into a relevant, automated search? Use your best-fit candidate as a blueprint as you continue sourcing? Know when timing is right to circle back and try them again? 

We thought so too, which is why we are excited to announce three new Entelo features launching today that promise to take the guessing game out of sourcing.


Envoy Skills Suggestion
The vague, sweeping language and sprinkling of buzzwords that characterize today’s job descriptions make them a mess to decipher. It’s no wonder then that recruiter’s spend needless amount of hours translating JDs into concise and relevant searches.

Analyzing millions of candidate profiles and historical recruiter searches, Entelo Skills Suggestions automates this translation process– allowing recruiters to use their job description to run a candidate search:

Envoy skills suggestions screenshot


Envoy’s automated sourcing (and the skill suggestions it provides) is a great way for you to effortlessly build pipeline for your more evergreen, mid-level roles. For your highly-specialized searches however, Similar Candidate Search will be the key to your success.

Similar Candidate Search
Recruiters spend an average of 13 hours a week sourcing for one open role. Of those 13 hours, a large portion of the time is spent running search after search, making small tweaks to boolean, and sifting through hundreds of profiles – just to surface one candidate that fits the bill. When you’re tasked with building out an entire pipeline of great-fit candidates, that sourcing time only skyrockets.  

With Entelo’s Similar Candidate Search, there’s no need to spend hours of trial and error hoping to replicate your success. When you come across a candidate that checks all the boxes, Similar Candidates helps you discover profiles with comparable backgrounds and experiences:


similar candidate search screenshot

Likely to Move Watchlist
An important piece of the sourcing process– and the biggest guessing game of all– is timing. For Entelo users, this is where the Likely To Move algorithm often comes into play. Looking at a variety of factors on the individual, company, and industry-wide levels, the Likely To Move scale predicts how likely a candidate is to switch jobs within a 90-day window.

If your candidate just took on a new role or received a promotion at their current company, their Likely To Move filter will not look promising. But don’t forget about your candidate just yet! Using the Likely to Move Watchlist, recruiters can now “follow” great fit candidates and receive notifications whenever there is a change to their Likely to Move status:


Likely to Move screenshiot

In an era of data-driven recruiting, sourcing shouldn’t be a guessing game. With these new features it’s never been easier to make informed sourcing decisions that put you in front of the right candidates at the right time. Interested in learning more? Request a product demo today!

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