Twitter Round Up: Best Recruiting Tweets Jan 20-24

January 24, 2014 at 8:08 AM by Rob Stevenson

We're back with the best recruitment-based tweets of the week! Read on for some unmissable links, thought-provoking LinkedIn stats, and friendly reminders about recruitment etiquette from the other side of the interview table!

Irina over at Brain Gain offers a compelling perspective of InMails, pointing out precisely what recipients see on their end. Her blog post on the topic is invaluable to any recruiter using LinkedIn as their main avenue of outreach.

In this week's #OMCchat, Lance responded to a question about interview etiquette with a reminder not to waste your time (or the candidate's) in the event of a mismatch, and how to do so without being abrasive or degrading.

Here's an example of a professional who has no interest in speaking with a recruiter (hence his belief he had been 'tricked'), yet opening the recruiter's outreach nonetheless. Just another reminder to keep in mind what is important to the candidate and work it into your messaging. In this case, it resulted in a new connection that could one day lead to a hiring conversation. 

Here, Johnny over at SocialTalent fires off a pair of interesting stats about LinkedIn Company pages. Unsurprisingly, candidates who have engaged with your organization's LinkedIn page will be more receptive to your messaging. Time you spend today making your LinkedIn Company page compelling and rich with detail could pay huge dividends in the future.

Did you happen upon any must-see recruitment tweets this week? Let us know in the comments or tweet @EnteloRob!

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