Recruiting with Google+

January 2, 2014 at 4:35 AM by Jordan Taylor

gplus-logoAfter looking at "Fascinating Social Media Statistics of 2013" something stood out: Google+ is adding ~25,000 users every day. We’re sure you've heard of recruiting techniques for Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin—but what about Google+?

As with everything Google does, Google+ is in constant flux. After launching on June 28, 2011 it has rapidly become the second-largest social networking site in the world.

Here are some persuasive details for why recruiters should be using Google+:

  • There are nearly 540 million active users
  • You can create talent pipelines and talent communities
  • SEO advantages with search and authorship
  • Membership has increased 57% year-over-year
  • Simple and intuitive connection of services
  • Content distribution practices continue to evolve
  • Google provides free search, messaging, and hangouts
  • Increasing YouTube integration

Below you’ll find indispensable resources for how to use Google+ for recruiting.

“Recruiting on Google Plus,” by Johnny Campbell at Social Talent:


Perhaps one of the greatest advantages for using Google+ over Facebook is that the quality of content people tend to share relates more to their professional knowledge, interests, and skills.


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