Recruiters are Business Partners: Entelo Head of Recruiting Britt Ryan

November 17, 2016 at 6:30 AM by William Clarke

BrittRyanPodcast.pngEntelo Head of Recruiting Britt Ryan joins the team to chat about how she’s ramping up the org’s hiring strategies, what she’s got in the cooker for her first 30 days and beyond, and her vision for creating an even more efficient and effective Entelo hiring team.

Tune in to hear Rob, Amina, and Britt talk about:

  • Why How do we spend our money? was the first question she asked when she joined Entelo
  • What makes quality of hire the most important hiring metric at Entelo
  • How analyzing your funnel is the single best way to sort out hiring challenges

Check out the episode below, or head over to iTunes or Google Play to subscribe.

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