New Integration! Entelo and Lever, Together at Last.

July 10, 2014 at 6:00 AM by Rob Stevenson

entelo lever

In addition to building exciting new tools, helping recruiters build great teams, and creating what is indubitably some of the best recruitment content and blog posts of all time, we're always listening to our users to understand what features would help them the most. Frequently, we hear recruiters want to combine Entelo with the rest our their hiring funnel, which is the inspiration behind our latest integration with the widely-used ATS, Lever!

What sets Lever apart from other ATS platforms is it's emphasis on employee referrals as well as the involvement of hiring managers, sourcers, and other team members in the hiring process. Here's a look at what our integration looks like and how it can make your recruiting life easier!


As you source on Entelo, you'll notice on the right panel the option to export to various ATS platforms. Lever now appears here, allowing you to move a candidate through the hiring funnel in no time at all.


Click the 'Export to Lever' tab, and you'll see a list of your open reqs (created in Lever). Select the appropriate position, and you're not just integrating, but organizing candidate pipelines. Side note, at Entelo, we're always looking for Software Engineers and Underwater Basket Weavers.

Once you've exported a candidate to Lever, their social profiles, location, experience, as well as contact info will be available for your whole team to see inside your ATS.

Want to learn more? Contact us for a demo!