Jobvite’s 2013 Social Recruiting Survey Takeaways

December 19, 2013 at 4:07 AM by Jordan Taylor

part1On October 23rd of this year we formally announced—with untold glee—our partnership with Jobvite. Here’s the full blog article: “Announcing Integration with Jobvite!

To ease the challenges of finding and networking with top talent, customers of Jobvite and Entelo now have access to both tools without leaving their Jobvite screen. This exciting integration arrives at a critical time in history as companies continually look to increase their investment in candidate recruiting through social networking—dramatically turning social recruiting into ubiquitous hiring practice.

This evolutionary trend of social recruiting is deeply reflected in Jobvite’s “2013 Social Recruiting Survey.” Here are some pertinent takeaways:



  • Social recruiting is up 2% from 2012 (a staggering 94% of companies are expected to use it as an asset)


  • 73% of companies plan to increase investment in social recruiting practices


  • Substantial decreases in Time To Hire have been reported when compared to 2012


  • The benefit of reducing hiring costs is still a significant factor, yet companies are valuing their ability to find qualified candidates EVEN MORE


  • Kimberley Kasper, Chief Marketing Officer at Jobvite, sees this data as concrete evidence that recruiting is becoming marketing


  • The promise of attracting passive candidates appears to be a powerful driving force behind turning this once high-tech approach into an everyday process 

Kimberley Kasper shells out some of the changes to recruiting that we can all expect to intensify:

Social networks enable recruiters to take a highly efficient, multi-channel approach to hiring, in much the same way as marketers target customers. Through viewing candidates’ social profiles and engaging with and nurturing candidates, social media enables recruiters to better understand candidates—and appeal to them—on an individual level. At the same time, by building and maintaining company pages that reflect corporate culture, businesses can more effectively communicate and evangelize their employment brand—a technique that helps build interest even among candidates not currently seeking new employment. Of course, marketers do this all the time to build new business. Now recruiters are catching on—and succeeding.

What are some of your thoughts and strategies for attracting passive candidates?

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