INFOGRAPHIC: The Science Of Recruiting Subject Lines

January 31, 2020 at 7:45 AM by Grace Newman

The Science of Recruiting Subject Lines (2)As any seasoned recruiter knows, the fate of your recruiting outreach often comes down to just one sentence – your subject line. If your subject line fails to catch a candidate’s eye, it doesn’t matter how much time you spent sourcing the perfect candidate, personalizing a thoughtful message, or choosing the perfect time of day to send it off. It will still go unread. 

In fact, today’s average worker consistently has close to 200 unread emails sitting in their inbox every day. So how can you make sure your message stands out amongst the crowd? We analyzed the thousands of emails sent through Entelo Track to bring you key insights from the highest performing email subject lines. Use these insights to optimize your subject lines for higher open rates and let your expertly-crafted recruiting outreach do the rest!

Infographic: The Science of Recruiting Subject Lines (1)


While these are great learnings to implement into your outreach strategy, we know it's a lot to keep in mind when you're trying to get in front of as many candidates as possible to reach hiring goals. That's why we've launched our Subject Line Optimization feature – an AI-powered algorithm that gives you smart, real-time edits as you write subject lines for optimal open and response rates:


Subject Line Optimization

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