ICYMI: Our Podcast Guests Talk AI – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

November 19, 2018 at 10:13 AM by Grace Newman

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Over the last few weeks, our podcast team has been hard at work putting together the final episodes of Hiring On All Cylinders: HR Tech Edition and in the process we've witnessed a central theme emerge. What do an editor of a major HR publication, an HR tech startup CEO, and the founder of a technology advisory firm agree upon, you might ask?


Artificial Intelligence, despite its many perceived definitions and connotations, has become a critical piece of the modern recruiting process. The question that inevitably comes up in each conversation is the impact this will have on the practitioners in our field: recruiters.

Rick Bell, the Editor of Human Capital Media, emphasizes that the human connection of recruiting has remained as important as ever, even in the face of today’s increased reliance on recruiting automation. It’s the ways in which recruiters go about building that connection that have changed dramatically (think text messages and emojis). A recruiter’s success is still determined by their ability to connect with a candidate on a personal level.

No one knows this better than Erik Kostelnik. As the Founder and CEO of TextRecruit, Kostelnik saw the need for a more simple and on-demand communication channel to keep up with the increasingly competitive talent market and… Voila! TextRecruit was born. Still, automation isn’t all rainbows and butterflies in Kostelnik’s eyes: “sourcing will be replaced in the next five years...so the question is what new functions could be created in HR?”

Madeline Laurano of Amplitude Research Partners has an answer. As an HR technology analyst, Laurano knows first hand that deciding which technologies to adopt and becoming an expert user of those tools is a job in and of itself. So perhaps the question should not be whether robots will replace our jobs, but instead how will robots transform our jobs?

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