How to Keep Candidate Outreach Personal At Scale

August 17, 2015 at 2:01 PM by Rob Stevenson


Sourcers and Recruiters are often plagued with a frustrating dilemma when it comes to outreach. First, you've got to be reaching out to a great many candidates to ensure you have a constant pipeline. Of course, you'll want to be personalized, but the more specific you make each message, the more time you spend and ultimately you'll end up reaching out to fewer people. Here at Entelo, we've found a solution this humble blogger likes to call machine gun sniping. This process involves creating multiple segmented lists of candidates for every role, in order to reach out semi-targeted and at scale.

List Criteria

First, think about what might distinguish different candidates within the same role. For example, our backend engineers have to write many crawlers, parsers and normalization processes for our data ingestion. When recruiting for this role, we'll build a larger list of people with relevant languages and then segment that list down to people who also mention crawling or parsing. From there, we can create a template email that calls out that experience. Here are some other examples of segmentable candidate attributes:

  • Experience in a certain industry
  • Based in a similar location
  • For salespeople, experience selling a specific product or to a certain market


The Outreach

Once you've bucketed candidates into sublists, you can begin reaching out. Here, you'll be able to reach out to several candidates at once in such a way that is much more relevant than normal list-enabled mass messaging. Here's an example of a template you might use for sales candidates you've segmented based on experience selling Business Intelligence software:


“Hey <firstname>,

Came across you and noticed you’ve had an amazing sales career so far. We’ve always been impressed with people that have sold in the Business Intelligence space as we find that sell translates very well to selling here at Entelo. Given your experience at <Company>, I thought you may be interested in exploring an opportunity to join our sales team.”

Candidates hate receiving mass emails and recruiters hate sending them. With this strategy, you can message on a larger scale without sacrificing the quality of outreach. How do you go about reaching out to a large number of candidates without resorting to stock messaging? Hit us up in the comments!

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