CHECKLIST: How To Evaluate A Sourcing Vendor

December 13, 2019 at 1:28 PM by Grace Newman

vendor checklist

It’s hard to not be overwhelmed by today’s sourcing technology market. It’s no longer just LinkedIn or bust - now there’s tools that offer automation, some that specialize in tech talent, still others that function like CRMs. Some are stand alone platforms, while others provide added functionality to your current workflow. With the seemingly endless options available, it’s no wonder that the software evaluation process has become convoluted and frankly, broken.

When you set out to evaluate a new tool for your team, what you are really trying to decipher is its ROI. That’s why we’ve put together the Vendor Evaluation Checklist - to help you dig past the stats, jargon, and buzzwords so that you can understand the true value a tool will bring to your team. 

We’ve broken the checklist down into two sections - Product Offering Evaluation and Partnership Offering Evaluation.


Product Evaluation

Before evaluating a vendor’s product, you need to be clear about the hiring goals you want to accomplish. With those goals in mind, the Product Evaluation checklist will help you uncover exactly how a tool can (or cannot) help you reach them.


Partnership Evaluation

With the complexity of onboarding, implementation, and training, you want a vendor that is a partner. If your vendor views your relationship as no more than a transaction, you’ll be in trouble down the road when it comes to user adoption and support. The partnership evaluation checklist will help you ask the right questions that reveal how invested they are in your long-term success. 




3You can also download a printable PDF version of the checklist here.


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