How Raytheon Uses Entelo to Find Diverse, Security-Clearable Talent

November 21, 2018 at 8:28 AM by Grace Newman

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It’s no secret that technical talent is in high-demand. In 2018, unemployment for software engineers weighed in at about 1.6%, significantly lower than the national average of ~4%. With the demand for technical talent far exceeding the supply, recruiters are spending a large part of their day sifting through online profiles and reaching out to passive candidates with a discouraging return rate.  


For Raytheon’s Senior Diversity Leadership Sourcer, Brent Rogers, the talent pool from which he sources is narrowed down even further. Not only must he find highly-specialized and niche technical talent to meet the demands of the country’s largest defense contracting corporation, but that talent must be both diverse and security-clearable as well. Historically, this has equated to over 70-80 hours of sourcing per week.


Once he and his team began using Entelo to search for that talent, they experienced drastic reductions in the time needed to source: “In three days we can find that talent, and it used to take three weeks; that’s a great return.”


What accounted for such an improvement in his sourcing efficiency? Brent credits Entelo’s ability to surface the most relevant and diverse candidates right off the bat. “I can choose female candidates and source from diverse associations and organizations. And I can narrow those results down quickly to find qualified candidates.”


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