2019 Guide To Recruiting & HR Events, Part 2

September 23, 2019 at 12:20 PM by Grace Newman


The fall events season is in full swing, which means thousands of valuable opportunities for professional and personal development. Yet with the seemingly endless roster of 2019 conferences, seminars, meetups, and networking events, choosing the events best suited to your goals can be a daunting task. That's why we've searched high and low to bring you this fall's best events... Welcome to the second installment of the 2019 Guide To Recruiting & HR Events!

In this guide, we give you the rundown on nearly 20 events taking place between September and December 2019. You’ll find events ranging from statewide meetups and conferences happening right in your backyard, to some of the biggest HR and recruiting conventions in the nation, and even virtual summits accessible everywhere.

You can use this guide to make informed decisions about which events best fit your hiring priorities, agenda, and budget. Read on to find out where you’re going next – and which events your friends at Entelo will be attending!



September Events


SourceCon Atlanta

sourcecon iconDate: Sept 23rd - 25th 2019

Location: Atlanta, GA

About: SourceCon Atlanta goes beyond sourcing, deep diving into creative solutions to engage and attract candidates, increase your response rate, implement diversity solutions and better partner with hiring managers. 

Can’t Miss Sessions: 

Must-Attend For: Recruiters and sourcers who want real answers and practical solutions to everyday problems and challenges they encounter. More breakout, round table sessions and peer-to-peer learning, less one-way presentations.

Cost: $1,196.25 - $1595

Registration: Register Here.




TATech North America

TatechDate: Sept 24th-26th 2019

Location: Austin, TX

About: An event that removes the booth between vendor and practitioner and creates a space for conversation, collaboration, thought leadership among executives, managers and senior professionals in the solutions industry, and the TA and HR professionals who use those solutions. 

Can’t Miss Sessions: 

  • Bias In AI: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly; Natalia Baryshnikova SmartRecruiters
  • Disrupting Talent Acquisition: How TA Must Evolve To Win The War For Talent; Lawrel Aufmuth, Advantage Solutions

Must-Attend For: TA and HR professionals alike, eager to join in on discussions and debates surrounding hot button issues critical to effective organizational performance, as well as a chance to explore new technologies and potential partnerships.

Cost: $950 - $1200 

Registration: Register Here.




Talent Connect

Talent Connect 2019Date: September 25th - 27th 2019

Location: Dallas, TX

About: Join over 4200 global talent leaders global talent leaders who have a passion for hiring, engaging, and developing winning teams. Talent Connect is 3 days filled with inspiring speakers and engaging breakouts focused on all things talent, as well as product-specific LinkedIn training and workshops. 

Must-Attend For: Talent leaders and aspiring talent leaders

Cost: $2195, though some sessions will be livestreamed for free

Registration: Register Here.




North Carolina SHRM State Conference

north carolina shrmDate: Sept 25 - Sept 27th 2019

Location: Hickory, NC

About: North Carolina’s annual state SHRM conference, where you can earn both SHRM and HRCI Credits for attending.

Must-Attend For: North Carolina-based HR leaders and practitioners looking for fresh ideas, building out their network, and the latest best-practices. 

Cost: $525 - $700

Registration: Register Here.



October Events


Colorado SHRM State Conference

colorado shrmDate: October 2nd - 4th 2019

Location: Keystone, CO

About: Colorado’s annual state SHRM conference, where you can earn both SHRM and HRCI Credits for attending.

Must-Attend For: Colorado-based HR leaders and practitioners looking for fresh ideas, building out their network, and the latest best-practices. 

Cost: $549 and up

Registration: Register Here.




HR Tech 2019

download-15Date: October 1 - 4 2019

Location: Las Vegas, NV

About: HR Tech is the biggest conference in the world dedicated to technology innovations in the HR, recruiting, sourcing and staffing spaces. Featured speakers from leading senior executives from across the industry ensure that the event is chock full of valuable insights.

Can’t Miss Sessions: 

Must-Attend For: Any HR or talent pro eager to learn about the latest and greatest talent technologies and how they are being implemented by leading organizations to revolutionize hiring. 

Cost: $1097 daily pass; $2045 full pass (8/29/19 - 9/30/19); $2195 (after 9/30/19)

Registration: Register Here.




Maryland SHRM State Conference

maryland shrm conference 2019Date: October 6th-8th 2019

Location: Baltimore, MD

About: Maryland’s annual state SHRM conference, where you can earn both SHRM and HRCI Credits for attending.

Must-Attend For: Maryland-based HR leaders and practitioners looking for fresh ideas, building out their network, and the latest best-practices. 

Cost: $605

Registration: Register Here.




Sourcing Summit Europe

sourcing summit europeDate: October 8th-10th 2019

Location: Amsterdam, NL

About: Sourcing Summit offers attendees a platform to learn from game-changing practitioners and innovative organizations who are at the forefront of sourcing excellence. 

Can’t Miss Sessions:

Must-Attend For: Sourcers, Recruiters, and Talent Acquisition professionals looking for practical, take home sourcing strategies and best practices. 

Cost: €530 - €795 

Registration: Register Here.




ERE Fall 2019

ere conference logoDate: October 14th - 16th 2019

Location: Washington DC

About: The ERE Recruiting Conference focuses on a wide range of topics within the scope of recruitment and talent acquisition. Deep-dive into candidate experience and employer brand, or attend sessions featuring the best play-by-play strategies for digital transformation. 

Can’t Miss Sessions:

Must-Attend For: Recruiting and TA professionals eager to pull up a chair and join in on lively, round table discussions. Senior Leaders looking for actionable takeaways and strategies to put long-term change in motion.

Cost: $1205 - $1725

Registration: Register Here.




2019 North American Candidate Experience Symposium 

CandE SymposiumDate: October 14th 2019

Location: Washington DC

About: Held in conjunction with the ERE Fall 2019 Conference, the North American Candidate Experience Symposium celebrates best-in-class organizations who have recruiting and HR strategies have resulted in an award-worthy candidate experience. Hear from these leaders as they share their winning candidate experience practices while earning 6 credits towards SHRM and HRCI.

Can’t Miss Sessions:

  • The Tables Have Turned: Candidates are in the Driver’s Seat When it Comes to Hiring, Stephen Rees, Manpower Group
  • Keynote #1 and Q&A, Diversity and Inclusion, Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Must-Attend For: Candidate Experience enthusiasts – especially those already attending ERE. Just a hop and a skip away!

Cost: $195 - $495

Registration: Register Here.


2019 Human Resources Leadership Forum

download-3Date: October 17, 2019

Location: Dallas, TX

About: Argyle’s CHRO Leadership Forum provides the relationships, resources, and solutions to help HR leaders digitally transform their organization and become the workplace of the future. With an agenda crafted by Argyle's CHRO Advisory Board, topics will include innovative takes on workforce planning, employee engagement and talent management technology, intelligent automation, agile recruitment and development techniques, and the new strategic role of HR in business transformation. 

Can't-Miss Sessions: 

  • Panel: "HR's Strategic Role in Digitally Transforming the Workplace" 
  • Panel: "Creating a Culture of Innovation through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion"

Must-Attend For: HR leaders and managers looking to knowledge share while developing their professional network

Registration: Invite needed.



Workday Rising

workday risingDate: October 17th - 19th 2019

Location: Orlando, FL

About: Every year, Workday Rising brings together HR leaders and practitioners to share solutions to complex challenges, explore what’s possible with technology, and shape the future of business.

Can't-Miss Sessions:

  • How Emerging Technology Is Reshaping Work; Ashley Goldsmith, Workday; Varun Bhatia, AirAsia; Ellyn Shook, Accenture; Michael Fraccaro, Mastercard

Must-Attend For: Workday users or HR pros interested in HRIS technology and best practices




Wisconsin SHRM State Conference

wisconsin shrm logoDate: October 16th-18th 2019

Location: Wisconsin Dells, WI

About: The WI State SHRM Council sponsors one of the largest conferences in the Midwest for HR professionals. The conference offers a wide range of programming from entry level to senior leadership in benefits, compensation, recruitment, selection, retention, safety, leadership, organizational development, training, diversity and inclusion, and talent management.

Can’t Miss Sessions:

  • People Analytics: Adding Some Crunch to Your Soft Skills; Stephen Utech, Dan Ritter

Must-Attend For: Wisconsin-based HR leaders and practitioners looking for fresh ideas, building out their network, and the latest best-practices.

Cost: $50 and up

Registration: Register Here.




HR Financial Services

HR Financial Services logoDate: October 21st - 22nd 2019

Location: San Diego, CA

About: HR Financial Services brings together senior HR executives in financial services to share how they are creating a best-in-class workforce that will drive success in a rapidly transforming environment.

Can’t Miss Sessions:

Must-Attend For: HR professionals in the financial services sector looking to learn from the industries leading HR organizations. 

Cost: $1799 and up

Registration: Register Here.




UNLEASH World 2019 

unleash world 2019Date: October 22nd - 23rd 2019

Location: Paris, FR

About: UNLEASH brings together senior decision makers, visionaries, influencers, and disruptors from over 120 countries and the technology and solutions which help you plan for today and tomorrow's top workforce challenges.

Can’t Miss Sessions: 

Must-Attend For: HR professionals interested in digital transformation strategies and best practices as well as a look at the most innovative HR technologies available. 

Cost: €1495

Registration: Register Here.


HIREconf New York City

download-4Date: October 22nd 2019

Location: New York City, NY

About: HR Tech is evolving but the processes most organizations are using have not caught up. For years, we've been adding new technology within our workflows and tech stacks. However, technology is not going fix the issue alone. It’s time to start over and re-imagine what we do from scratch. The HIREconf NYC agenda will be designed to enable practitioners to do just that. Regardless of whether someone is a leader or individual contributor, the sessions will equip attendees with the tools to examine their processes and the technology that enables them to determine the most efficient and effective path to the future. 

Can't-Miss Sessions:

Must-Attend For: Any and all talent folks, whether you're a TA leader, recruiter, or sourcer. There are tracks designed for both senior professionals and practitioners.



HRSouthwest Conference

HRSouthwest Conference LogoDate: October 27th - 30th 2019 

Location: Fort Worth, TX

About: The HRSouthwest Conference is organized by DallasHR, the Dallas-based SHRM Affiliate Chapter and hosts more than 2500 attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors annually, making it the largest regional educational and networking event for human resource professionals. 

Can’t Miss Sessions:

  • Reversing System Failure: Advancing Gender Parity; Michelle Bogan, Equity For Women
  • Let's Make Work Better: Evidence Based Work Hacks To Boost Well-Being; Theresa Glomb, University of Minnesota

Must-Attend For: HR professionals based in Texas and the surrounding Southwest looking for fresh ideas, building out their network, and the latest best-practices.

Cost: $459 and up

Registration: Register Here.





reimagine HRDate: October 28th 2019

Location: Orlando, FL

About: Focusing in on the future of work, Gartner’s Reimagine HR gives you exclusive access to extensive Gartner research and findings, along with the progressive practices you need to build your HR action plan.

Can’t Miss Sessions:

  • Roundtable: Improving The Candidate Experience; Vitorio Bretas, Sr Principal, Advisory, Gartner
  • Ask The Expert: How To Assess, Measure, and Track Inclusion, Ingrid Laman, VP, Advisory, Gartner

Must-Attend For: With 7 unique tracks that deep dive into areas such as The Role of CHRO, Recruiting & TA, Learning & Development, D&I, Talent Analytics, HR Tech, and Total Rewards – there is something for everyone.

Cost: $2700 and up

Registration: Register Here.



The 2019 World Employment Conference

download-5Date: October 30th - November 1 2019

Location: Gold Coast, Australia

About: The 2019 International Conference will explore the role our industry plays in improving lives, communities, and economies through connecting individuals with meaniningful work into the future. Through bringing us together to reflect as individuals, and as a collective, this year’s conference will explore how we can empower, how we will collaborate, and how we can build trust in a new world of work. 

Must-Attend For: Forward-looking Recruiting, Staffing, and Workforce leaders 

Cost: $2,399 and up

Registration: Register here.



November Events

Delaware SHRM State Conference

delaware shrmDate: November 4th - 5th 2019

Location: Dover, DE

About: Delaware’s annual state SHRM conference, where you can earn both SHRM and HRCI Credits for attending.

Must-Attend For: Delaware-based HR leaders and practitioners looking for fresh ideas, building out their network, and the latest best-practices. 

Cost: $110 and up

Registration: Register Here.


HRD HR Tech Summit

download-17Date: November 6, 2019

Location: New York City, NY

About: HR Tech Summit New York connects C-suite and senior decision makers across HR to cut through the jargon and explore how organizations are approaching the constantly changing tech landscape, providing analysis of the latest in HR technology and the impact it has on business strategy.

Can't Miss Sessions: 

  • How Bots, AI, And Robotic Automation Are Shaping HR

Must-Attend For: C-suite and senior HR decision makers eager to stay abreast of the ever-evolving HR tech space.

Cost: $450+

Registration: Register here.


Talent Development Think Tank

talent development think tankDate: November 6th - 7th 2019

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

About: This November’s inaugural Talent Development Think Tank brings together of HR and Talent Development pros to examine the state of talent development: what’s trending in talent development, what’s working (and what’s not), and what the future holds so that attendees can return with relevant ideas and practical solutions. 

Can’t Miss Sessions:

  • Learning in the Flow of Work; Josh Bersin, Bersin by Deloitte

Must-Attend For: Any HR or Talent professional with a focus on talent development

Cost: $1697 and up

Registration: Register Here.



HRTX New York

HRTX  logo

Date: November 7th 2019

Location: New York, NY

About: HRTX is a full-day sourcing and recruiting intensive, hosted by RecruitingDaily and featuring the biggest thought leaders and experts in sourcing. Filled with hands-on workshops and seminars, HRTX promises to have you with your laptop out, notebook on the table, and heads together with your sourcing peers as you up-level your sourcing and recruiting chops in just 8 hours.

Can't-Miss Sessions:

  • 3 Best Practices for each of the stage of the Recruiting Workflow – sourcing, messaging, qualifying

Must-Attend For: Recruiters and sourcers looking to pick up sourcing hacks and techniques from the pros


Talentcon 2019

download-6Date: November 7th 2019

Location: Amsterdam, NL

About: TalentCon 2019 is an action-packed 1 day conference focused on the future of talent acquisition. Connect with innovators and leave armed with the know-how to take your hiring to the next level. 

Can't-Miss Sessions: 

  • Read between the lines of your conversions; Victoria Farrelly, Sr Technical Recruiter @ Uber
  • Panel: Developing your career in recruitment; Lead by Modiara Kamps, Talent Attraction @ Amazon

Must-Attend For: Talent pros looking for technological best practices and strategies to walk away with.

Cost: €228 and up

Registration: Register here.



HR Tech Connectdownload-16Date: November 17th - 19th 2019

Location: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

About: HR Tech Connect features some of the most innovative solution providers and thought leaders in the HR Tech industry. Unique to this conference is the opportunity for attendees to help pre-qualified enterprise organizations develop and execute their HR Tech roadmap for the future, ensuring they get the tools they want and need. 

Must-Attend For: Recruiting and HR professionals interested in intimate 1:1 meetings with solution providers and an inside look at what lies ahead for some of the industry's most innovative technologies

Registration: Invite-only event. Inquire here.


Tech Rec Berlin

download-1Date: November 28-29 2019

Location: Berlin, DE

About: Tech Rec Berlin is the unique industry-driven conference fully dedicated to tackling challenges in finding, hiring and keeping tech talent. It is the first platform in Europe that brings together thought leaders and experts in tech recruiting, talent acquisition, employer branding, sourcing and talent analytics from enterprises, start-ups, tech companies and many more. The event will provide you with precise insights into the best practices, challenges, know-hows and do’s & dont’s of sourcing, attracting, recruiting, onboarding and integrating the tech pros.

Must Attend For: TA leaders, Recruiters, and Sourcers focused on tech talent

Cost: €2695 and up

Registration: Register here.



December Events


RallyFwd Virtual Conference

rallyfwdDate: December 4th 2019

Location: Virtual

About: RallyFwd is a virtual summit on all things candidate experience. Learn the best strategies, practices, tools, and technologies for building a winning candidate experience from source to hire.

Must-Attend For: Anyone setting out to build a great candidate experience – or looking to course correct – this event is for you!

Cost: Free!

Registration: Register Here.


Reinventing HR Summit

download-7Date: December 4th - 6th 2019

Location: London, UK

About: As a senior HR it is often difficult to find time to reflect and refresh your practice, when day to day demands mean that we just don’t have the chance to spend time with our peers and share our challenges and hopes.  The Reinventing HR Summit is designed to provide a pause to think and regroup. Up for discussion are trends such as changing workforce demographics, the equalities agenda, sustainability and the continuing development of technology. The event will include a mix of short presentations and discussion and be supplemented by time for personal mindful contemplation.

Must-Attend For: Senior level, experienced HR professionals looking to benefit from new ideas and fresh perspectives.

Cost: €690 and up

Registration: Register here.



TalentNet Live

talentnet liveDate: December 6th 2019

Location: Dallas, TX

About: A recruiting technology conference that brings together some of the biggest thought leaders and industry experts to tackle topics such as AI sourcing, employer branding, job board strategy, leadership and management tactics, career development and much more.

Must-Attend For: Recruiting practitioners looking to pick up practical talent tech know-how and best practices. 

Cost: $125 and up

Registration: Register Here.