Four Mobile and Online Productivity Tools for Recruiters

July 17, 2014 at 6:00 AM by Kathleen de Lara

recruiter toolsWithin the next hour, you’ll encounter at least 50 disruptions that’ll keep you from crossing off those 10 items from your to-do list.

Candidate interviews, resume reviews, team meetings, talent scouting and networking. A recruiter’s duties are never-ending, or to sum up in four words: Can’t stop, won’t stop.

In an age of brevity, instant gratification, and convenience, “there’s an app for that” quickly becomes the solution for any sort of obstacle getting in the way of your work day.

Try out these tools to streamline the way you source talent and to better organize your recruiting resources.

recruiter toolsEvernote Hello

You attended a networking event last Friday and met a few star candidates who’d be perfect for the open customer success management position at your company. In tune with good networking, you traded business cards with the expectation that you’d add these folks on LinkedIn as soon as you got home. Problem is, you lost a few of those cards between the venue, your car, and apartment. Sounds familiar?

Evernote Hello makes it easy for recruiters to network and connect with talent on-the-spot. Input a candidate’s name, phone number, email address, snap their photo, scan their business card, and add him or her on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter all from within the app. The Hello Connect feature lets you connect with nearby Evernote Hello users.

Track where and when you met talent, and keep additional notes on meeting highlights. The app’s mosaic layout allows users to view all contacts on a single page, allowing recruiters to quickly scroll through, select profiles, or even practice matching names to faces.

Available on iOS and Android

recruiter tools


Hitting Inbox Zero becomes a less achievable feat when you’re hitting Subscribe to a bunch of websites, newsletters, and other online publications. Having trouble keeping track of all your daily, weekly, and even monthly recruiting tips and updates?

Consider Feedly your one-stop, digestible shop for all the content you want to subscribe to, but don’t have enough inbox space to follow. Housed into one manageable, interface, this news aggregator app allows users to file and categorize articles from their favorite websites. Get daily updates from, The Undercover Recruiter, SourceCon, and the Entelo Blog, read them now, save them for later, tag articles, and share them through your social networks or other productivity apps.

Available on online, and for iOS and Android

recruiter toolsTLDR

Kudos for downloading Feedly, but sometimes that article you saved for later doesn’t actually get read until...never. Cue TLDR (short for Too Long Didn’t Read), a web browser extension that summarizes articles in one, a few, or several paragraphs, depending on what you have enough time to read. You can also scan through the original version to read through an article in its entirety.

The extension also comes in three types options for different kinds of synopses – green for pre-written summaries, red for shareable summaries written by you, and badges for summaries that pop-up when you hover over them.

Available for Chrome and Firefox browsers

recruiter toolsPushbullet

You’re on your way to meet with a candidate and pick up your phone to review their resume and profile for a refresher, hoping to find some inspo for a clever way to break the ice. Doh! The file is sitting on your computer desktop, and you’re nowhere near it.

The Pushbullet app provides two-way communication between your computer, phone, and tablet, allowing users to conveniently send files, pictures, profiles, and articles. Instantly push candidate resumes, meeting place addresses, reminders about an offer email you need to send, or links to a candidate’s online portfolio. Zapier users can integrate Pushbullet with their Twitter, Google Drive, Office 365, and Base CRM applications (just to name a few), too. Because the app syncs up your mobile device to your computer, you can also opt-in to receive on-screen notifications of incoming calls and text messages.

Available for iOS and Android

Move over, Rolodex. With a bevy of new apps, extensions, websites and other tools being released daily, today’s talent acquisition teams may be finding it easier to ramp up their sourcing and hiring strategies to keep better track of candidates and recruiter resources. Want even more tools for better recruiting? Subscribe to the Entelo Blog for weekly product updates and be sure to join us for our upcoming social recruiting webinar series!

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