Diversity, Data, and Development with Bay Area Recruiting Leaders

April 5, 2017 at 2:16 PM by Chau Mai

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Since its inception last year, Recruiting @ Scale has brought together hundreds of recruiting professionals in a community-first meetup style series of events. No sales pitches, no booths -- just honest conversation about the challenges and triumphs in talent acquisition.

As we wrap the San Francisco edition, we wanted to recap the wisdom shared by some of the recruiting leaders who joined us. So without further ado...

Start with the data and work backwards

Alan Cooper, Senior Manager of Worldwide TA at Splunk, uses his extensive experience in analytics/BI to be more consultative with hiring managers. He has a unique approach:

“I start by taking a hiring manager’s job description, running it through our ATS, and producing a heat map of available candidates. Usually it’ll show a result of 0 candidates. This surprises them and the whole conversation changes,” explained Cooper. “If you can show them the impact of the requirements imposed on you as a recruiter, then you can start being consultative and get them to modify their (laundry list) of requirements.”

He also applies this approach to choosing office locations, using heat maps to inform whether or not a particular location will have the candidates Splunk needs to support their business.

Measure results at both the individual and organizational level

Neil Frye, Global Head of Recruiting at Dropbox, also shared his thoughts on important metrics:

“On an individual level, we’re measuring 3 components: results, talent, and values. Results are things such as: offers extended, offers accepted, number of days out a recruiting coordinator can schedule. The talent piece focuses on what parts of his/her craft a recruiter is developing, such as sourcing strategies, closing strategies, etc. And finally, the values piece involves feedback from candidates, hiring managers, and peers and folks on the talent team. From an organizational level, it’s clearly our ability to meet business needs. We’re also layering on diversity - it’s a problem and a challenge we’re all facing - and including it in our measurement of what our recruiting teams are delivering.”

Speaking of diversity & inclusion …

Sarah Hallahan, Manager of Technical Talent Acquisition at AdRoll, agrees: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” AdRoll’s team has been able to meet and even exceed their targets for both women in leadership and women in technical roles.

Moving to the U.S. from Ireland, Hallahan uses her experience recruiting in the E.U. to find diversity talent in the SF bay area.

“Diversity is an even bigger topic now that I’m in the Bay area. I’ve broadened my candidate sources and tell my team to look beyond GitHub and Stack Overflow. It’s now about using tools such as Power to Fly, or Entelo for diversity filters and email addresses -- these are different ways to target different groups of people who meet the requirements but who may not have been as evident on paper.”

She emphasizes that there’s still work to be done, but they are proud of their results for diversity and inclusion.

Additional ideas for D&I

Sandi Lurie, Director of Global Recruiting at Optimizely, says her organization has put diversity measurements in place in order to understand where they’re doing well and where there could be gaps.

“Quit rate is another thing to consider. You can source a great number of candidates, but are you losing them based on their candidate experience? That’s something we weigh heavily and survey on. Also, make sure that there’s diversity of thought, and that groupthink isn’t part of the process. Don’t just recruit from the same schools, same companies, etc.”

Lurie says that D&I is a work in progress, and that there’s an employee resource group at Optimizely that meets weekly to discuss ideas around D&I.

A special shout-out to AdRoll for hosting this event at their beautiful new SF office. From the words of Amy LeBold, Head of People: “We’re excited to host an event of this size at our brand-new space. And if anyone is looking to move, we’ve got openings here at AdRoll”!

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