Unbiasing and Diversifying Your Referral Funnel with Simppler CEO Vipul Sharma

March 31, 2017 at 12:00 PM by William Clarke

ReferralPodcastHeader (1).pngSimppler CEO Vipul Sharma joins the podcast to chat about his work streamlining the employee referral process. As a former Director of Data Engineering at Eventbrite, Vipul saw both how effective employee referrals could be and how few tools existed to make the process easier for teams trying to scale. With his experience in machine learning and data science, Vipul took a data-focused approach to solving referrals by creating algorithms that match candidates to roles while offering clear workflows to promote collaboration across teams and departments.

Tune in to hear more about

  • How algorithms can help eliminate referral biases by searching employee’s entire networks for matching experience and skillsets
  • Why improving referral systems has a lasting impact at the bottom of the talent funnel
  • The ways cross-departmental referrals between teams lead to diversified talent pipelines

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