Check Out These Companies with Outrageously High Recruiter Salaries

January 15, 2015 at 12:31 PM by Rob Stevenson

recruiter salaryBuilding a company culture, connecting people with their dream jobs, and helping people make the next big move in their career is all well and good. But you don't do it for free. We go to work so we can afford the things we loved to do before we were told we had to have a job.  You may not be driving a gold Lamborghini to work, but once you've made some great placements, recruitment can get you to a place where you're not just making ends meet. Here's a breakdown of some of the highest paid recruiting gigs out there.

Director and C-Level Recruitment & HR positions will naturally command a salary north of six figures, so for the sake of more immediately graspable opulence, I'm only going to list salaries for Recruiters and Senior Recruiters, and Sourcers But don't thank me, thank Glassdoor and the already-blogged claims of some outrageously paid external Recruiters.

Senior Technical Recruiter

Factoring in bonuses and commission sharing, the lucky folks over at TEKsystems boast a salary range that caps out at $163,000. Despite the high ceiling, Glassdoor reports that the average salary-- $64,000-- is approximately 5% below the national average.

Although there's a only small number of reports, details on SAIC -- a satellite communication service --  suggest their Senior Recruiters are raking in up to $123k.

Other reports suggest that contract Recruiters, paid hourly, can expect healthy rates depending on the company. Cisco, for example, has reports of paying $60+ an hour, and rumors swirl around big firms like Google, Facebook, and Apple shelling out over $100/hr for their contract employees.

Tech Recruiter

Based on 26 submitted salaries, ICONMA Tech Recruiters enjoy a healthy average of $56k, with a range up to $72k. Amazon, NuTech, and the previously mentioned TEKSystems also appear to be all about the benjamins, as Amazonians are on average looking at $83,000 with a range up to $137,000. NuTech and TEKSystems appear to be paying up to $81,000 and $163,000, respectively.


Unsurprisingly, Google Sourcers are earning an obnoxiously high amount. The average hourly contractor there is looking at $47.30/hr, while the salaried tech sourcer enjoys a range of $76-116k. There appears to be a pretty wide range for sourcers, from either $22/hr to $33k a year, all the way above six figures.

The Outliers

Similar to sales roles, earnings can be virtually unlimited when there's a commission based incentive. Some executive recruiters even command some truly ludicrous compensation, such as Hobson Associates' Bill Tomek, whose services will run you $40,000 a month plus 2% equity in the company. His coverage of the matter is a look not just into the world of how much the truly elite talent acquisition pros can expect to make, but the implications for how important it is to add the best talent to growing companies.

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