Best of Both Worlds: Grow Your Recruiting Funnel and Humanize the Process

January 15, 2014 at 3:40 AM by Jordan Taylor

humanizing-big-data-300Skillful recruiters are like great sales professionals—they’re animated and proactive. If you want them to electrify your organization’s talent pipeline in 2014, allow them to craft a hiring strategy with hiring managers that’s proactive rather than reactive.

Why does this matter? Proactive recruiting makes the hiring process easier, intuitive, and personal.

Here at Entelo we have some pretty ambitious goals: provide recruiters, sourcers, and hiring managers a means to make smarter decisions while improving their interactions with candidates.

How is this done? It starts with the augmentation of sourcing.

Think of a traditional recruiting funnel like the one below:

the recruiting funnelThe talent pool rests firmly at the top. By using a SaaS solution, based in the aggregation of social data, you can create efficiency at the top while making the talent pool wider at one fell swoop. Why do you want the top of your funnel to be wider? The more data points you have the wider your funnel gets all the way down to hires.

The value of having more data points means that you’ll see the larger context of a prospective candidate’s skill sets, activities, and interests. The ability to view more information, particularly social data that you can’t acquire on a social network like LinkedIn, allows for remarkable customization. Clearly you’re concerned with developing talent pipelines ahead of demand, in order to drive a higher ROI, but you also want your candidate research to be very specific.

Building a list of candidates is both faster and cheaper—but more importantly you’re digging up context for a high number of quality candidates. Having clear-cut insights into candidates can never be undervalued; the more you know about these talented people—the more you can personalize your interaction with them.

Having this comprehensive overview means something very important: you’re not engaging in transactional-based recruiting, you’re engaging in the process of humanizing recruiting. When you reach out to these candidates using this wealth of data, they will notice the difference.

You can craft more personalized, educated, emails. This goes a long way: you’ll build better relationships in each layer of the funnel, and when people see how well you’ve researched and engaged them—you’re building upon one important component of your brand.

There are some big problems with a traditional, requisition-driven, recruiting model: it is labor intensive, expensive, reactive, and really doesn’t help you find quality hires or talented passive candidates. A more strategic model changes all of this, plus more: it leads to data driven decision making, clear-cut brand strategies, vigorous marketing and communication collaboration, and team-wide pipelining with committed talent communities.

Enhancing your recruiting funnel requires a clear strategic framework to follow. Yet the payoff is immense—you can continuously build positive relations with potential employees.

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