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Entelo Track Lets You Send Email on Behalf of Your Teammates

Great recruiters know that candidates are more likely to respond to their peers. An engineer is more likely to engage with another engineer, a salesperson is more likely to respond to your VP of Sales.

The One Interview Question to Ask New Graduates

There’s one question I ask when interviewing a candidate who's very early on in their career.

“Explain to me, in as much detail as possible, everything you’ve done to prepare for our conversation today.”

If the response to this question is weak, then I suggest you save everyone time and cut the interview short.

When it comes to assessing a candidate that’s just starting their career, you don’t have much of a professional track record to go off of. The above question will help you gauge a few important things.

Announcing More Likely To Move™

Today, we're pleased to announce the addition of More Likely to Move™ to Entelo's powerful search feature. For the first time, talent acquisition professionals can specifically search for passive candidates who are on the verge of changing companies.

The feature is already active for all current customers, and comes standard with the Entelo product. By filtering a candidate search with More LIkely to Move™, recruiters are able to narrow their focus on those who are likely open to a new career opportunity. Candidates identied as More Likely to Move are 6x more likely to leave their job within the next 90 days.

To see for yourself how More Likely To Move™ can help your organization hire more efficiently, request a demo here