Entelo Track Lets You Send Email on Behalf of Your Teammates

May 20, 2015 at 8:00 AM by Kyle Paice

Entelo Track: Send on Behalf OfGreat recruiters know that candidates are more likely to respond to their peers. An engineer is more likely to engage with another engineer, a salesperson is more likely to respond to your VP of Sales.

Today, Entelo is announcing "Send On Behalf Of", the most effective way to connect with high-value candidates. Send On Behalf Of offers:

A better response rate. If your head of engineering writes a template and you send it to qualified candidates on their behalf, you'll see better results. A better response rate leads to more people in your hiring pipelines and, ultimately, more hires.

Time savings. Your hiring managers are busy and can't devote hours of their day to recruiting. The last thing you want your engineers doing is spending all day reaching out to candidates. With Send On Behalf Of, the hiring manager and recruiter can work together to achieve better results in less time.

Security and privacy. Send On Behalf Of from Entelo allows you to collaborate around outreach messages without having to give someone else access to your inbox or LinkedIn account, giving you the security and privacy you want. 

If you use Entelo Track, Send On Behalf Of is already enabled for everyone in your organization. Visit the Entelo Support Center for instructions on how to get started.

If you're not yet an Entelo customer, click here for a free demo of the Entelo platform.

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