How Atlassian Uses Entelo To Source Through a Diverse Lens

December 4, 2018 at 11:09 AM by Grace Newman

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Atlassian is guided by the belief that great products are a direct result of diversity; this principle informs the vision and direction of the company everyday. For the Atlassian talent team, that means approaching their entire recruiting process–from sourcing all the way to closing a candidate– through a diverse lens.


According to their Sr Product Recruiter Kylie Gomez, manually sourcing with such a lens becomes rather tedious and allows an opportunity for bias. “Manually diverse searches across platforms like Google, LinkedIn, anything that’s content and people focused, is incredibly hard because you don’t want to be excluding any kind of groups, and you don’t want to use any wording or verbiage that can.” And when you consider how the candidate pool shrinks with increasing seniority, maintaining a diverse lens becomes even more difficult.

To balance their thoughtful approach to diversity with the increasing demands of hiring, Atlassian enlists Entelo’s diversity filters. “It saves me a ton of time to be able to always have that lens thinking for me in each search, because I want to be thoughtful around it, but also we have to get people into these positions and we have to be smart about who we are bringing in."

Listen in to the rest of our conversation with Kylie and find out how Entelo Diversity saves her 4-5 hours a week on sourcing:






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