5 Chrome Extensions That Will Turbocharge Your Sourcing

August 18, 2014 at 10:47 AM by Rob Stevenson

The faster you're flying around your browser, researching, auto-posting, and connecting, the better. KeyboardScreen_Shot_2014-08-18_at_10.41.54_AM shortcuts are a good start, but if you really want to soup up your browsing speed you can't afford not to be utilizing the sourcing tools made available by browser extensions. Here's a handful of add-ons you can download to help you source faster than ever before.

1. You know you make me wanna TOUT!

Toutapp is a fantastic tool for tracking and scheduling outbound emails. Once integrated with your inbox, you can build templates complete with customized personalization and schedule follow up emails to your candidates. In addition, Tout provides a live feed of when contacts open your email or click on any of the links you've passed their way. Rather than persistently reaching out to people who have no interest, you can follow up with those who are already warm, having read what you sent them or clicked through to your site. As far as the actual browser extension goes, Tout will display a tiny envelope icon next to email addresses displayed on a web site so you can quickly message people. 


2. Show me who you're workin with

WhoWorks.At is indispensible for a recruiter. Any time you're viewing a candidate or company page, this lightweight extension will display your connections either to that individual or the company. WhoWorks.At will also help you dig a little deeper by displaying promotions, new titles, and new hires. Check out the demo video below for more.


3. We're goin Streaking!

Streak for GMail is an exciting blend of email and your CRM. Rather than bounce back and forth between the two, Streak allows you to keep tabs on your pipeline by building it out right into your inbox and making notes about specific individuals. Here's a brief demo of how Streak can work for customer support, the features of which are easily transferrable into your recruitment processes.


4. CTRL + F 2.0

efTwo is the CTRL+F function you've only dreamed of. Enter in a handful of keywords and they'll all be highlighted on the page, complete with their derivatives. Plug in a handful of skills for an open req and you can quickly look at all the instances on a page, so you don't need to spend time looking at irrelevant candidates.


5. All the Data You Could Ever Want: The Entelo Button

You probably know by now that Entelo's database contains robust profiles for over 20 million professionals, including their social presence, personal websites, and email address. With the Entelo Button, you can take all that information with you, wherever you may source. Additionally, Entelo's list and notes tools are made available, as well as whether our predictive analytics have tagged that candidate as More Likely to Move™.


BONUS: Every recruiter has made use of Rapportive, the Gmail add-on that enabled you to easily research your email contacts. After LinkedIn recently nuked the tool, a copy-cat utilizing the same API immediately came to market. Rapporto can fill that Rapportive-shaped hole in your heart!


What are some other browser extensions you use to help you recruit? Leave a comment or tweet @EnteloRob!

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