5 Best HR Blogs: Entelo’s Required Reading List

January 15, 2014 at 3:29 AM by Jordan Taylor

212The recruiting landscape is a wonderfully off-kilter world. Its peaks and valleys are shaped by both predictive—and utterly surprising—changes.

If you want to keep up with both dynamics, effectively navigating this gripping cosmos, you’ll need to follow trusted sources for news, information, communities, and metrics.

We want recruiters, sourcers, and hiring managers to keep their knowledge up-to-date by embracing forums with rich dialogues, and blogs teaming with informative articles.

The growth of new technology-based job titles within the last decade shows just how much this landscape is open to revision. Old skill sets fade toward extinction while new colorful combinations of artistry and expertise come into existence. Even people’s perception of the value and meaning of their work appears to change in tandem with technological evolution. Simply put—it’s difficult for recruiters to keep up.

To help keep a beat on the breakneck pace, we’ve compiled a handful of top recruiting blogs for your subscribing pleasure. The following blogs are required reading for any recruiter looking to be up to date and engaged with their industry:

LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions Blog

LinkedIn Talent Solutions

LinkedIn gets a lot of things right. They only need one sentence to tell you what their Talent Solutions Blog is all about: “Your source for remarkable recruiting strategies, tips and trends.” The world’s largest professional network allows you to leverage the power of the world’s largest recruiter groups. One thing that makes this site great is the exceptional content they feature: webcasts, tips and insights, and an instructional-based blog.

The blog articles are well distributed, ranking extremely high in quality and context. If you’re a faithful follower of LinkedIn Today’s Recruiting and Hiring Channel then you’ll undoubtedly want to start visiting this blog daily; it’s a perfect supplement to your resources.

Beautifully curated, the blog features some of the most important topics in the field today: Passive Candidate Recruiting; Trends and Research; Recruiting Tips; Employer Brand; Mobile Recruiting; Future of Recruiting; and Candidate Experience.

ERE Community Blogs

ERE #2

ERE’s author community is as experienced as they are prolific. They have some of the top influencers in the field working as featured columnists: Lou Adler, Kevin Wheeler, and Dr. John Sullivan. They have eight ERE staff writers and a seemingly never-ending list of contributors. We enjoy sharing their best articles because they bring out the gravity of each topic.

ERE began in 1998 and they’ve been a heavyweight resource for the HR and recruitment industries since. One of the main reasons for their success is they do far more than just the blog:

“ERE is…designed to deliver need-to-know information to corporate recruiting professionals. It has steadily grown into the must-read publication and must-attend conference for corporate recruiting. ERE provides a blog, daily email newsletter, community, webinars, and job board.”

Join the community and you’ll network with scholars, top agencies, HR gurus, and more.

Recruiter.com Articles


Take even a brief look and you’ll notice that recruiter.com approaches our subject matter from every possible angle. The articles are a joy to read because they place recruitment topics within perspectives like ethics, sociology, psychology, popular culture, and just plain common sense. Their trending articles are written by award-winning guest writers and editors—and clever staff writers. Don’t expect them to treat any topic as taboo either; here’s just a small sample of some recently trending articles: Should Your Effort at Work Truly Mirror Your Compensation?; Serf’s Up!—Modern Debt Serfdom vs. the Enviable Leisure Time of a Medieval Peasant; Is the Best Candidate the One Who’s Good at Getting Hired?

Not every article is gold (you can hardly expect that of any blog), but it’s a great resource for recruiters and job-seekers. One of the site’s greatest virtues is they publish a wealth of content daily.

Recruiting Blogs

Recruiting Blogs

What do we love about Recruiting Blogs? Its network. With this site you can navigate your way through 15.6K blogs created by recruiters, hiring professionals, and HR talent. This amazing foundation draws on the talents of creative thinkers in our space. Hands down the best advantage to having this wide range of experienced voices, with different levels of expertise, is the bustling forum of lively discussions it fosters.

Joining is easy, and once you’re a member you can craft your own discussions, questions, groups, and friends network. Their slogan “What’s On Your Mind?” says it all.

SmartRecruiters Blog

Smart Recrutiers

Ran by David Smooke, Editor-in-Chief and Director of Social Media, the SmartRecruiters blog has a wealth of articles covering some essential recruitment categories like Hiring Culture, Interview Tips, Startup Recruiting, and Hiring Made Easy.

They have some high aims: “Everything you need to source talent, engage candidates and make the right hires.” By creating a resourceful blog—with an intuitive format—they’re able to achieve this goal of teaching people to hire by utilizing the social web.

Here’s a small taste of the superb content they produce: Build a Diverse Talent Pool; The Golden Rules of Selling Yourself in an Interview; 18 Best SmartRecruiters Blog Posts of 2013.

The Rundown

There are many gathering spots for recruiters online, and we enjoyed sharing some of our favorites. The best recruiters out there naturally want to network, sharing their best practices to help teach one another. Sharing your philosophies means creating know-how.

If you have some other great go-to sources concentrated on the human resources and recruiting industries—please share them with us!

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