11 Team Building Guides from the Pros Who've Been There

December 5, 2014 at 12:01 PM by Rob Stevenson

Happy Friday Recruiters! Today, in my never-ending goal to provide you with the materials and knowledge you need to find, hire, and retain talent, I've opened Team Building Guidesup the vault and re-surfaced some true gems. Many of the below articles are written by professionals who dealt with adding a massive amount of talent in a small amount of time, and all of them have been through the trenches when it comes to assembling a team, all the way from sourcing to closing. Read on and see what some established entrepreneurs and accomplished team builders have to offer!

#1 – Hiring a VP of Engineering or CTO For Non-Techie (First Time) Founders – Solid article from Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures.

#2 – How To Run A Company That Engineers Actually Want To Work For -Business Insider isn’t normally the first place I’d think to look for advice on hiring engineers but this article is actually really good.

#3 – On Finding and Working with Software Engineers – How the heck did I miss the one the first time around?! One of the better articles I’ve read on the topic.

#4 – Ranting about the quality of developers – Fairly straightforward but good overview of hiring engineers.

#5 – Startup Mantra: Hire Fast, Fire Fast – I don’t know that I fully agree with Suster here but well worth a read. Interesting to note the difference in philosophy between this article and Cult Creation.

#6 – – 25 Things that make hiring technical talent much easier Interesting list of often over-looked areas of your business essential to bringing on tech talent.

#7 – Insightful Quora post from Jason Putorti, VP of Design at Brigade on How to Interview Designers.

#8 – How to Hire a Great Web Designer, With Y Combinator’s Garry Tan – This doesn’t get talked about enough and few know more about the topic than Garry.  

#9 – Hiring: The Lake Wobegon Strategy – Short but simple post from the Google Research blog about the dangers of hiring “above the mean”.

#10 – How to assemble the perfect team – A person-by-person analysis of hiring in a startup along with lessons learned. I wish more startups did this.

#11 – Hiring Front-End Engineers -- A useful guide from Chris Zacharias, early YouTuber. 

 Note: these links originally appeared in Jon Bischke's post, 11 More Must-Read Articles on Building World Class Teams.


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