The RASY Award Winners Are...

August 15, 2018 at 9:09 AM by Sydney Cohen

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Welcome to the  age of recruiting automation, one in which machines and humans work together to produce higher quality work, at scale. While some recruiting departments are just familiarizing themselves with this new trend, other companies have embraced automation to vastly improve hiring. At the inaugural Recruiting Automation Summit this June, Entelo awarded the following organizations with the RASY Awards, highlighting their achievements in revolutionizing hiring.

Here are the winners of this year’s RASY Awards:

Most Engaged Candidate Award:


"AppDyanmics has embraced the art of engaging passive candidates by using Entelo to extract key insights about candidates and leveraging those to craft highly personalized messages that make their outreach stand out from the sea of generic recruiter messages that are sent each day." - Eddy Chen, CSM at Entelo

Best Diversity Initiative: 




"We're thrilled to recognize Mode Analytics for Best Diversity Initiative as diversity priorities are truly ingrained in their values. The recruiting team has focused on over 1,400 searches for diverse candidates in the past year which is one of the highest amongst our customers." - Sabrina Callen, CSM at Entelo

Most Successful Use of Entelo



"Uber's effective use of Entelo across multiple facets -- including sourcing, engagement and reporting -- and willingness to work with Entelo to embrace new ways of recruiting as a modern recruiter has translated to success in the proverbial war for talent, especially for diverse and passive candidates." -Eddy Chen, CSM at Entelo

Recruiting Automation Pioneer: 

Sony Interactive 

“Sony Playstation has embraced modern recruiting practices by leveraging Envoy to alleviate the typical recruiter backlog of evergreen roles – systematically identifying top talent.  As an automation pioneer, the Playstation team has been able to generate a pipeline for their requisitions, allowing them to spend more time on candidate engagement and delivering an even better experience through a more manageable workload for their team.” -Alejandro Gonzalez de la Pena

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