The Anatomy of a Great Company Video

August 27, 2019 at 6:00 AM by Sean Simerly

Anatomy of a Great Company Video V2

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much would a 2 minute video be worth?

It’s no surprise then that companies for decades have been trying to lure in potential employees with flashy and heart-warming video vignettes: This is us playing with dogs! Having fun! Working hard! Working hard and playing hard!

You can see where it can go wrong. But fear not, as we’ve compiled a list of some phenomenal examples of company culture videos. These aren’t just for the large-budgeted People Ops teams out there, either. Some of these are scrappy, many are powerful, and all can be deployed to further your brand and help prospective employees gain a glimpse into a day in the life at your org.




While many of these videos have VOs (that means voice over for those folks that had to google it, like I did, when I first saw that abbreviation), this one takes advantage of mostly found footage. There is undoubtedly treasure troves of videos out there from your very own employees – send a call for submissions to your company and see what comes in. You may just have built yourself an authentic and honest glimpse inside!


When your brand is already well established, you have the added benefit of focusing less on identity and more on culture. Lyft does a great job of this in their company video, highlighting their three core values.


Have a niche industry? Something more esoteric than say a CRM? Enter Flexport’s strategy of introducing their unique industry through their intensive onboarding program. Giving potential employees a window into their entrance into such a topic is comforting and shows the thoughtfulness behind their employee experience program.


If you’re in the technology industry, you’re sure to know the stereotype of job hopping. That’s likely why Splunk highlighted the tenure and diversity of their organization. It shows that once in, you’re likely to stay – a nice change of pace for many.


And we’d be remiss to not mention Entelo’s culture video. It really is true – if you lay a great foundation at the beginning, you have nothing but solid culture as you scale. If you’re interested in coming on board, come take a peek!

Hopefully you can take some of these examples and craft your own company culture video. If you do – which angle are you thinking of taking? Are there any tools you wish you had at your disposal? Chime in below and let’s brainstorm together.