Recruiting Automation Roundup

September 7, 2018 at 10:19 AM by Sydney Cohen

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As our industry heads in to events season, recruiters and HR professionals are getting geared up for HR Technology 2018 in Las Vegas next week. Our team is excited to share tips and industry insights with leaders in the space, demo our newest product updates, and send our booth visitors off with some fun swag as souvenirs.

As you head in to conference season, be sure to brush up on this week’s top articles in recruiting automation so you’ll be prepared for great conversations at one of the biggest conferences in our field! 

What We’ll Be Watching For at This Week’s HR Tech Conference, via HR Tech Insiders by Chris Russell
Many vendors on the expo floor will no doubt be touting their artificial intelligence features but in many cases this is a misnomer. It’s more like ‘automated intelligence‘ rather than true AI. Vendors like Entelo are differentiating themselves as ‘recruiting automation’ companies because as they see it, recruiters spend an average of 13 hours per week on tasks that can be automated such as sourcing and scheduling.

Lisa Holden Discusses Entelo's Unbiased Sourcing Mode, via RecTech Media by Chris Russell
There has been plenty of research that has come out that says that diversity is a pipeline problem. There’s other research that has come out contending that. Candidates that are graduating with computer science degrees, many of them are from underrepresented groups and diverse backgrounds. Maybe they’re getting hired, maybe they’re not, but they’re not sticking around at these companies.”

Culture Fit is Out-- Here’s What’s In, via Forbes by Jon Bischke
The implicit message these self-reinforcing cultures send is that if you don’t fit, if you don’t think like us or at least pretend to be on board, you might as well leave because, otherwise, life will be very uncomfortable.

The part of HR Tech we’re most excited for is having the chance meeting some of you. Be sure to visit booth #1342 to learn more about Entelo and pick up your printed copy of our newest eBook, Recruiting Automation for Dummies.