Recruiting Automation Roundup

August 10, 2018 at 8:00 AM by Sydney Cohen

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The headlines this week are filled with insight into the various ways AI is working to represent underrepresented groups. AI as part of the recruiting process has the potential to mitigate unconscious bias and move diversity initiatives in the right direction. Learn more in this week’s roundup:


Lack of Gender Equality in Venture Capital Industry via HR Advisor by James Davis

There’s no question women in venture capital (VC) are underrepresented, though unfortunately, it’s not specific to VC firms alone.”

Artificial Intelligence Is Coming for Hiring and It Might Not Be That Bad via Bloomberg by Rebecca Greenfield and Riley Griffin

“Instead of relying on people’s feelings to make hiring decisions, companies such as Entelo and use machine learning to detect the skills needed for certain jobs. The AI then matches candidates who have those skills with open positions. The companies claim not only to find better candidates, but also to pinpoint those who may have previously gone unrecognized in the traditional process.”

Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion with New Unbiased Sourcing Mode via Entelo

Left unchecked, unconscious bias can have negative implications when it comes to the way companies hire. Even with the best intentions and the most experienced recruiters, unconscious bias can creep into the sourcing process, resulting in certain candidates gaining an advantage in the hiring process for the wrong reasons and thwarting opportunities for other candidates that may be the right fit for the job.”

Why Women Should be Excited About AI via Forbes by Kate Levchuk

An overarching topic we should care about is not which jobs will be automated and which professions will be obsolete, but which jobs and skills will increase in relevance and demand. And here the long-time perspective looks as bright for women as never before.”

While this is incredibly promising, there is still progress to be made as recruiting automation aims to disrupt traditional hiring practices. Introducing tools that aid in checking personal biases is just the first step to ridding hiring processes of bias for good.