Recruiting Automation Roundup

August 31, 2018 at 10:09 AM by Sydney Cohen

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Recruiting can be thankless work. Sourcing, keeping up with outreach, scheduling interview loops, meetings with hiring managers and screening candidates can often leave recruiters wishing they could get some relief and appreciation. This week’s headlines are all about the ways recruiting automation enables recruiters to operate at a higher level. By allowing recruiting automation to automate manual tasks, recruiters are freed to focus on the more nuanced part of their jobs and show their bosses how strategic they can be.

When Artificial Intelligence stepped Into the Hiring Process, via CIO Review

“Identifying high-potential candidates is very subjective,” said Alan Todd, CEO of CorpU, a technology platform for leadership development. “People pick who they like based on unconscious biases.” There is a substantial amount of support backing the notion that AI can effectively eliminate some of these biases.


Recruiting Support Technology in a talent sellers’ market, via Employee Benefits News by Richard Stolz

Efforts to connect with prospects are often ignored. In this environment, technology that streamlines or eliminates routine aspects of the recruiter’s job enables them to put their greater skills to work.


Moneyball for business: How AI is changing talent management, via Fast Company by Austin Carr

Just as the Oakland A’s used data analysis to determine that the potbellied catcher who almost never struck out was a better bet than the golden-armed Adonis who made old-school scouts salivate, the Unilevers and Burger Kings of the world are increasingly exploiting data to examine performance and predict potential.

Applying recruiting automation to current hiring practices is critical to achieving goals in this competitive hiring climate. Recruiters need to conserve their focus for thinking creatively and strategically. Augmenting workflows using recruiting automation is the best way make hiring processes streamlined, efficient and effective.