In Case You Missed It: Day 1 of Recruiting Automation Summit

June 13, 2018 at 9:33 PM by Sydney Cohen

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The first day of The Recruiting Automation Summit was well-worth the wait as the agenda jam packed with presentations and panels featuring recruiting leaders came to life. These leaders left no rock unturned, taking on the hottest topics in recruiting-- including diversity initiatives, company culture, recruiting at scale, and everything in between.

Here are just a few of the highlights from the day’s insights and a snapshot of what attendees are saying:

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As this exciting day drew to a close, we announced winners of the Recruiting Automation Awards, lovingly known as the RASYs. The winners are:

• Most Engaged Candidate Award: AppDynamics 

• Best Diversity Initiative: Mode 

• Most Successful Use of Entelo: Uber 

• Recruiting Automation Pioneer: Sony Interactive 

We can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings-- from the opening keynote by Billy Beene, diving into Moneyball and how he changed the way the MLB found and recruited top players, to the fireside chat on the unforeseen costs of AI, to a wide range of outstanding presentations, breakout sessions, and panels If you’d like to follow along we’ll be live tweeting @RAS_SF using the hashtag #RecruitingAutomation and livestreaming select sessions on Facebook Live. Whether you’re in-person with us in San Francisco or joining us via social, we look forward to seeing your tomorrow.