How American Express Cut Sourcing Time by 75%

September 5, 2018 at 9:23 AM by Sydney Cohen

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In a world where financial services employment is projected to rise by 6 percent by 2024, and the number of finance and accounting workers nearing retirement has been on the incline since 2011, Global TA Recruitment Manager at American Express, Ahmed Abouelkhir is up against large hiring challenges.
While headcount and the need for backfills increase simultaneously, Abouelkhir’s recruiting team at American Express will still need to meet diversity goals and provide great candidate experiences. With all of this on their plates, finding ways to make their workflow more efficient is critical.

“Bringing innovative technology, bringing new age recruitment tactics, as well as innovative tools such as Entelo will recalibrate how recruiters work and make them more efficient in their day to day, Abouelkhir said.

Hear more about how Abouelkhir and his team at American Express use Entelo’s recruiting automation tools to accomplish goals and increase productivity.

“Entelo does save our recruiters a lot of time by it’s search algorithm and its AI technology that it provides. I would say it cuts sourcing time by 75% and it increases candidate experience and candidate outreach and candidate response by 50%.”

With results like these, it’s clear that Entelo is an invaluable part of the American Express recruiting team. Making it possible for them to reach goals and scale their hiring efforts to meet the challenges ahead.