Diversity Starts at the Top

August 1, 2019 at 5:03 PM by Sean Simerly


UC Berkeley

We’ve heard it before, and it rings true in multiple ways:

If your executive team looks like a mistaken case of copy-and-paste, then the organization below them will be a CC of the same.

If you don’t prioritize diversity early on in the interview process (at the top of the funnel), then you’re going to get a homogenous bottom of the funnel (new hires).

But you can take it a step deeper, even. That’s why the recent findings that the University of California system admitted the largest and most diverse class ever of Californian freshmen is so refreshing – it shows that the paradigm across the board is shifting.

So what does that mean for us involved in hiring?

While college is one piece of the puzzle, it contributes a big chunk of it (according to the BLS, in some cases as high as 90%). And, if that top of the funnel is more diverse than ever, it will be easier than ever to hire more diverse teams.

Is your organization prioritizing diversity when hiring for entry level positions? Will this trend impact you significantly? Let us know below!