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Abby Perkins is a copywriter, blogger and Managing Editor at the Talent Tribune. When she's not reading or playing with her dog, she likes to write about human resources and workplace trends and technology. Want to contact Abby? Send comments, questions, or pictures of cute animals to

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6 Tips for Interviewing and Hiring Former Employees

Whether you run your own small business or work in an HR department, if you’re involved in hiring at all, you've probably heard the term "boomerang candidate” recently.

As the name implies, a boomerang candidate is someone who has applied to work for a former employer. The typical boomerang candidate wasn’t fired for performance issues or personality clashes – they likely left their previous position under good terms. Whether they left to pursue a more exciting opportunity, went on earn a degree, or to make more money, they're ready to become a member of the team again.

The question is, how do you go about interviewing them?

Agency or In-House: Which Recruitment Team Is Right for Your Business?

A business does not grow unless it is filled with the right employees. Finding these gems, however, can take some time and require special recruiting skills. Thus, organizations need to have a recruitment team. But when other factors like cost, time and accuracy in finding the perfect employee come in, the next question to ask is: should you build your own team or use an agency? Here are some critical aspects to consider to help yourself decide.