Top 10 Things We Learned about Hiring in 2014

January 2, 2015 at 9:00 AM by Kathleen de Lara

outlook_blog.jpgNew year, new open reqs, new hiring challenges.

Whether you’re in sourcing, talent management or HR, the myriad of obstacles companies encounter in the hunt for qualified people varies from the familiar to the modern, lesser-known.

Why do most candidates drop-off before reaching the end of the hiring funnel?
What is the employer brand and how does it affect engagement?
When are employees most likely to quit their jobs?

We’ve compiled a list of our most popular blog posts from 2014 answering these questions and more. Find out what lessons other companies found most important from a year of hiring.

Employee milestones – celebrate them, but tread lightly. They could be indicators of when your team members are going to quit.

"After all, if you know that people were statistically much more likely to leave at a certain point, you could optimize your outreach accordingly."

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Sell the role to candidates with an employer brand representative of your company mission and culture, and employees’ experiences.

“Recruiters and hiring managers may spend all day qualifying candidates, but on the other side of the fence, candidates are qualifying your company, too. Creating a strong employer brand gives answers the 'why' candidates ask before deciding whether or not your role is fit for what they’re looking for.”

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One of the most accurate ways to communicate company culture is to align the team's sense of values with your external messaging to candidates.

"As recruiters, you are in a unique position not just to help your team discuss their virtues and extol the important ones, but to yourself shape and guide the cultural progression of the company through the hires you make and organizational values you prime them with."

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Hiring to create a more diversified workforce extends past gender, age, and ethnicity. Adding a variety of work experiences and skills can increase productivity, employee engagement, and expands the talent pool.

"Fostering an environment where everyone feels included, represented and valued regardless of what they look like or where they come from, helps to produce greater employee loyalty, commitment and motivation."

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Revisit and adjust your list of interview questions to learn which ones best measure a candidate's fit and to get rid of the fillers.

"It's easy to fall into a rut of asking the same questions, and this can lead you to be disengaged, disinterested, and not to get a full picture of what a candidate has to offer."

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Decrease the time between the first interview and the offer to keep candidates engaged with an opportunity.

"Any hitch in the company’s hiring process is a step back in onboarding a new employee, and if your team’s recruiting timeline isn’t clear with everyone involved, candidates are undoubtedly falling through the cracks." 

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One of the top sources for the latest hiring news in real time? Twitter.

"Keep up with your industry, and see what the top recruiters are talking about. A great way to do this without taking too much time is to hop on Twitter, where there is an abundance of quality to be found both in commentary recruiters make in 140 characters as well as the content they share."
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Setting the standard of expectations for qualifiying and selecting the right hires takes a top-down approach. If upper management has a chance to meet candidates, make it happen. 

"It's not merely his background with programming, branding, rocket science, economics, and physics that makes Musk such a talented organization builder. He's also supremely skilled in evaluating talent in face-to-face scenarios, in choosing the right candidate for a given role, and in selecting individuals who propagate a carefully delineated company culture."
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Learn more about a candidate's skills, experiences, and projects by browsing through profiles of similar candidates, or those they worked with on a particular

"Recruiters and hiring managers are often told the best way to engage candidates is by referencing specific projects they worked on or mentioning a mutual contact, yet how can a recruiter personalize their initial message to a candidate if they don’t know what he or she has created?" 

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Consider long-term fit, career growth, and range of experience when choosing the right candidate for the role.

"Being able to accurately suss out how your open role aligns with someone's desired career trajectory is a great way to add someone to the team who will instantly thrive, bring value, and stick around."

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