The 7 Secrets of World-Class Recruiting Organizations (Part 6 of 7): Be Obsessive About Metrics

January 2, 2013 at 5:19 AM by Vivek Reddy

ChartThis is the sixth post in a seven-part series entitled "The 7 Secrets of World-Class Recruiting Organizations" covering some subtle tactics for how to use social media to recruit candidates. You can read the previous posts in the series here: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Secret #6: Be obsessive about metrics. We could write a white paper just on the topic of metrics for recruiting. Perhaps some day we will...

What we’ll say now is that world’s best recruiting organizations track everything. Sure, a lot of companies track their source of hires in their ATS. But that’s just the starting point. What’s your response rate for InMails vs. emails? What subject lines perform the best when reaching out to candidates? What’s the average ratio of candidates who apply to candidates who make it to a second round interview across your various sourcing channels?

Do you have the answers to these questions and others like them? The best recruiting organizations do and they use those answers to continually improve their processes and better allocate resources. One of our very first customers at Entelo impressed us when he told us that in the first month of using Entelo they experienced twice the response rate when reaching out to candidates via Entelo that they were experiencing from competitive platforms. That impressed us in part because it was, well, awesome. But even more so we were impressed that he had enough data to know that. Most organizations don’t.

The bottom line here is that great recruiting organization obsess about their bottom line. Not necessarily their profits but rather about the number of outstanding hires they’ve made. In order to get there they have to walk the funnel backwards and to do that properly they need to have metrics at each stage of the funnel. Without that, they’re mostly shooting in the dark and no doubt pouring a lot of money down the drain.
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